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The Hime Cut: Japanese Haircut That Gained Popularity Worldwide

You probably have seen hime cut either in Japanese Anime or in Korean Movies. Japanese Haircut That Gained Popularity Worldwide, and lately, it is getting popular in western countries also. The reason is that women think this hairstyle makes them look cute. And the reason is valid as well. 

Many Hollywood, Korean and Japanese stars are rocking the hime cut, which helped in more popularity of hime haircut. 

Hime haircut, also known as hime katto, is an ancient women hairstyle. It has been in existence since the Heian Period. However, this hairstyle is now gaining proper attention and popularity, thanks to Japanese Anime and Korean movies. 

Today, let’s know more about hime cut, its history, and its various types. Also, let’s know how it gained so much popularity in western countries.

What is Hime Cut?

Hime Cut is a haircut that originated in Japan, and in this hair cut the bangs on the forehead are cut at eyebrow-length, and the sidelocks are cut till the cheeks length. The short hair is kept on the forehead, and the remaining hair is kept on the sides. 

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The hime haircut actually is a combination of Binsogi & Amasogi hairstyles. In Binsogi’s hairstyle, the hair is cut near the ear till the ear length. In the Amasogi hairstyle, the hair is cut till shoulders. So that’s how hime haircut is a combination of both these cuts. 

History of Hime Haircut

Hime Haircut has its root back in Heian Period in Japan. The hairstyle was started about 1000 years ago. It began in the Japanese Imperial Court. The royals grew their hair but kept the bangs long and trimmed their sidelocks to the cheek.

The name is derived from the Japanese term for a princess and is related to the top classes and traditions. And there’s a reason behind it.

The hime haircut started in the Heian period and remained number one for royal ladies and royal family members in Japan. In the Heian era, this trend began to make ladies feel and appear distinct from ordinary women.

The hairstyle gave the royal woman a different and unique look, and it was used for ages by the royal families of Japan. 

In the modern era, it gained popularity after its use in Anime and South Korean Movies. 

Popularity in Modern Era

When Western women saw anime characters wearing this hairstyle, it soon gained popularity, and even the western women were wearing the hime haircut. 

The hime haircut gained popularity when used in popular Anime like  Kakegurui, where the character Yumeko Jabami is notably wearing the look. It also gained prominence when it was used in Japanese Drama and South-Korean Movies. 

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Big Hollywood and music star Britney Spears used this hairstyle, which further pushed the hime cut. 

Momo Hirai from the South Korean group Twice had also rocked this hairstyle. Lisa also wore this style in Blackpink’s music video for “How You Like That” in June 2020.

The haircut is also becoming more popular in South Korea as many K-Pop artists and stars are rocking the hime cut. But, of course, their fans also then get their hair cut. 

Overall, women worldwide find this haircut very interesting and beautiful, that’s why it;’s popularity is on the rise. 

Reasons behind the popularity of Hime Cut

Why women like the hime cut so much and why its popularity is increasing day by day. Actually, women find this hairstyle suitable if their face is fatty from the cheeks. It allows the hair to cover the face from the side, making women’s faces look slim ad beautiful. 

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Another reason is, women think that this hairstyle makes them look cute overall. 

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Care and Maintainance of Hime Cut 

The hime cut is highly maintained for people without naturally straightened hair and needs regular touch-ups on the sides and front hair to keep its form. Hair straightening is often used to ensure the straight look of the hair, and straightening iron and specially designed straight hair shampoo are also used. 

Moisture is sometimes an issue with specific hair types, as excess moisture can alter the hair form by curling them. Sometimes hair extensions are used to avoid this for side locks.

Hime haircuts are full of variations and include different types of styles. Mainly, the hair cutting area is the same, but the cutting style is different, which gives a different look to hair. There are about 20+ variations of hime cut, but we will mention only the most popular hime haircut styles. So let’s have a look at them!

1) Cheek-length Hime Cut

The cheek length hime cut is classic hair cut, with front fringes reaching till eyebrows, the side hair cut till cheeks. The cut gives a charming look and is the most popular hime haircut. 

2) Chin-Length Hime Haircut

This hime katto hir style includes the side hair cut till below cheeks or bangs hitting cheeks. The long sidelocks help cover the fat on the side of the face and give a slimmer look. 

3) Long Hime Cut

If you want to try hime cut without changing much of your old look, then it is good to try a long hime haircut. In this cut, your side hair is not cut more than the cheek length. Therefore, you can join the side hair with regular length hair, which will give you a good look, plus you don’t have to do the regular trimming. 

4) Double Sidelocks Hime Cut

Its name is double sidelocks hime cut, becuase the first pair of side hair is cut till cheek length, then other pair of hair are cut till a little lower length. So more the more layers, the more the hair will look beautiful. 

5) Curved-In Hime Haircut

The side hair in this cut is curved from the ends; that’s why it is named as curved-in hime cut. The hair cut needs attention and maintenance from time to time. 

6) Dissociated Hime Cut

By name, you can predict the appearance of this haircut. Both bangs and sidelocks are distinct and are not mixed. That’s why it’s called the dissociated hime haircut. 

7) Tapered Hime Cut

This hime haircut is most suitable for thick hair. In this cut, the hair is tapered cut in the opposite direction. You may temper your hair around the edges by making them smoothly merge. This haircut protects you from the commitment of thick hair.

8) Modern Hime Cut

This is a new kind of hime cut in which you don’t have to make forehead bangs. Instead, the sidelocks are merged with side bangs to give you a normal but trendy hime haircut look. It is most suitable for women with round face. 

9) Hime Cut Pigtails

In Hime Cut pigtails, the hair is tied from the side. The front bangs are cut till forehead, and side bangs are cut till cheek length. This hime haircut is mostly seen in Anime, and it is also used to do cosplays. 

10) Hime Cut Bob

Apart from the same front and sidelocks cut, the remaining back hair is cut till shoulder or chin length. This hair is getting popular among people with a bob cut. 

These were a few but most popular hime haircut. Women from both Eastern in Western countries are adapting to these cuts, and the hime cut’s popularity is increasing day by day. 

Bottom Line

So this was all about hime haircut, its history, and its types. It would be best to try a hime haircut that is easy to maintain and does not have regular trimming. So go for a hime haircut to look cute and participate in the trend.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this article. 

Thank you for reading!

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