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Perms look great on both men & women because who does not want curls or waves? But, perms on guys look really cool & whatever the hair length is, perm enhances the hairstyle. You can get a modern & stylish perm or to subtle perm, as per your choice. Moreover, as the perm stays for several months, it will be easy to manage.

Perms on guys are trending from past times & now, with so much advanced technology in hair care, one can get a perm, despite their hair type. You can even choose whether you want a soft, hard, wavy, or loose perm with different perm styles.

In this article, we’ll explore different types of perms for guys, catering to various hair types and lengths, whether you have long locks or prefer a shorter style. No matter your hair type or style preference, there’s a perm that can complement your overall look and add that extra touch of personality to your hairstyle. So, read on to discover the diverse world of perms on guys.

1) Tight Perm for Short Hair

Tight Perm for Short Hair

For those with short hair who desire coily and tight curls, the tight perm men’s style is an ideal choice. Regardless of your hair type, achieving this perm style is certainly possible. To complement this look, pairing it with a faded haircut on the sides enhances the overall aesthetic.

While attaining the tight perm is relatively straightforward, it does come with its unique set of challenges. Maintenance, in particular, can be somewhat tricky, as the tightly coiled curls can be challenging to clean and care for. However, the result is a distinctive and attention-grabbing hairstyle that adds character and flair to your short hair, making it well worth the effort for those seeking a bold and dynamic look.

2) Loose Perm for short hair

Loose Perm for short hair

The loose and free coils and waves in this perm style create a relaxed and effortlessly chic look. This particular perm style is most suitable for those with hair of short to medium length. Opting for this loose perm adds both volume and texture to your hair, giving it a distinct and dynamic appearance.

For this style, the side hair is not cut too short, typically left at a length equivalent to two or three on the clipper guard. The loose curls cascade gracefully to near neck length, forming a stunning and eye-catching hairstyle. It’s a versatile choice that exudes a sense of casual elegance, making it a great option for those who want to strike the perfect balance between style and ease.

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3) Wavy Perm

Wavy Perm

The wavy perm is a subtle yet sleek option in the world of perms. This style features hair that falls near the neck, characterized by thick locks adorned with elegant waves. To achieve this look, the hair at the back and sides is typically kept shorter and expertly pointed to add extra detail and finesse to the perm style.

What sets the wavy perm apart is its technique, involving the use of more hair that’s loosely tied to the perm rod. This approach creates the signature waves, resulting in a refined and effortlessly stylish appearance. The wavy perm strikes a perfect balance between sophistication and a carefree vibe, making it a popular choice for those who seek a polished yet relaxed hairstyle.

4) Korean Perm Men

Korean Perm Men

The Korean Perm has gained immense popularity among men, largely attributed to its recent prominence in the world of hairstyles. Fueled by K-pop artists and singers showcasing this perm style, it has surged in demand. Characterized by very loose waves, a distinctive feature of this style is its even length throughout, particularly evident in the absence of a faded cut on the sides.

The appeal lies in its effortlessly relaxed waves, offering a modern and stylish look. The Korean Perm allows individuals to embrace a natural, casually tousled hairstyle that exudes a trendy and youthful vibe. As this style continues to captivate the fashion scene, many men are opting for this popular perm, seeking to replicate the charisma and appeal of K-pop icons.

5) Fringe Perm

Fringe Perm

Following a perm, you have the creative freedom to craft your desired hairstyle, and one intriguing option is the fringe style perm. This distinctive look involves a fade cut on the sides, while the upper hair is artfully permed into long, luxurious curls. What sets this style apart is its ability to impart a sense of fullness and volume to your hair, making it appear robust and dynamic.

The fade cut on the sides creates a clean and structured contrast with the textured curls on top, offering a harmonious balance between neatness and flair. The fringe style perm is a versatile choice that combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to showcase your personality and fashion sense with a look that’s both trendy and eye-catching.

6) Caeser Cut Perm

Caeser Cut Perm

The Caesar cut is already a well-known and classic haircut, but when paired with a perm, it takes on a more distinctive and attractive character. In the Caesar cut perm, the hair on top is typically of medium-short length, and it’s intentionally left slightly longer on the sides. This extra length is crucial as the hair needs room to be curled during the perm process, which can naturally decrease its length.

What makes the Caesar cut perm truly stand out is its ability to create a unique and impressive look for men. The combination of the traditional Caesar cut with the addition of curls adds a layer of style and individuality that is both eye-catching and charming. It’s a remarkable choice for those seeking a fresh and appealing hairstyle that blends the best elements of both classic and modern aesthetics.

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7) Bleach Perms On Guys

Bleach Perms On Guys

Bleached hair can be undeniably cool, especially when it transforms your hair into a stunning shade of blonde. However, the allure of bleached hair takes on a whole new level of beauty when paired with a perm. This stylish combination can enhance your overall look and add a touch of sophistication to your appearance.

Yet, it’s crucial to approach this transformation with care and consideration. Both bleaching and perming are chemical processes that can take a toll on your hair’s health if not managed properly. To achieve this stylish perm with bleached hair, it’s essential to give your hair the rest it deserves. Rushing into these chemical treatments in a short time frame can potentially harm your hair from within, so patience and proper care are key to rocking this trendy and captivating style.

8) Hard Part Perm

Hard Part Perm

This unique perm style features a striking contrast that sets it apart from conventional looks. The hair on top is intentionally left long and is styled into elegant curls, creating a captivating and textured appearance. In stark contrast, the sides are kept short and maintain a sleek and straight profile.

What makes this perm truly distinctive is the deliberate asymmetry it creates. The unsymmetrical and unusual outcome adds an element of intrigue to the overall aesthetic. It’s this very contrast between the curly, voluminous top and the straight, short sides that elevates the style to a level of stunning beauty. This unconventional yet gorgeous look allows individuals to showcase their bold fashion sense and embrace a hairstyle that’s truly eye-catching and unforgettable.

9) Medium Hair Loose Perm

Medium Hair Loose Perm

For those with medium-length hair seeking a stylish perm, the look depicted in the above picture is a fantastic choice. A skilled salon artist can transform your hair into this stunning style. This perm involves creating loose curls that cascade gracefully in bunches, lending a sense of elegance and texture to your locks.

Notably, the hair at the back is also expertly permed, contributing to the overall dynamic appearance. However, what adds a unique dimension to this style is the deliberately short length of the sides. This contrast between the permed, voluminous top and the neatly trimmed sides creates a balanced and eye-catching look that showcases both sophistication and modernity. It’s a captivating choice for those who desire a medium-length hairstyle with a touch of flair and individuality.

10) Medium Length Tight Curls

Medium Length Tight Curls

For those who have a penchant for tight perms, the medium-length tight perm is an ideal choice that will undoubtedly captivate your admiration. This style transforms medium-length hair into a charming display of coiled and wavy locks, creating an attractive and effortlessly messy appearance that exudes a unique charm.

What makes this medium-length tight perm truly captivating is the balance it strikes between tight curls and medium-length hair. This combination gives it a distinctive and eye-catching quality. To enhance the overall look and ensure that the curls stay in place, a serum or spray can be applied, adding a polished and refined touch to the hairstyle. This tight perm is not only visually appealing but also incredibly charming, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to embrace a cute and stylish appearance.

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11) Middle Part Perm

Middle Part Perm

Parting your hair in half and pairing it with a perm is a fantastic way to create a striking and distinctive look. This perm style exudes a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the fashionable 90s era. To achieve this aesthetic, it’s essential to maintain longer hair on the sides while keeping the back relatively shorter.

What truly sets this perm apart is the use of big, thick coils that add texture and volume to the hair. These larger curls contribute to the vintage charm of the style. To ensure that the coils stay in place and maintain their shape, a small amount of styling product can be used, providing a polished and well-groomed finish. This unique combination of parting and perming creates a visually appealing hairstyle that pays homage to a bygone era while still exuding a contemporary and fashionable flair.

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12) Mohawk Perm

Mohawk Perm

The Mohawk, renowned for its distinctive and edgy appearance, can be elevated to an entirely new level of attractiveness with the addition of a perm. This Mohawk perm style is nothing short of extraordinary, transforming the traditional Mohawk into an attention-grabbing and visually captivating statement.

To achieve this dynamic look, coily hair is featured at the top, creating a striking contrast with the extremely short haircutting on the sides. This deliberate juxtaposition adds a sense of drama and flair to the style. However, maintaining this perm style requires the use of a generous amount of hair stay products to ensure that the coiled hair retains its shape and structure.

The result is a truly unique and outstanding style that captures attention and showcases an individual’s bold and fashion-forward sensibility. This Mohawk perm style is the epitome of distinctiveness and modernity, making it an excellent choice for those who desire a standout and unforgettable look.

13) Pompadour Perm Hair

Pompadour Perm Hair

Pompadours, known for their timeless appeal, take on a whole new level of charisma when paired with perms. The introduction of curls in this classic haircut infuses it with an irresistible sense of texture and volume, elevating it to a level of sophistication and style that surpasses the ordinary.

One remarkable feature of the pompadour perm is its versatility, as it complements both long and short-length hair. However, it is when this style is embraced by longer hair that it truly shines, accentuating the volume and intricacy of the curls, and creating a captivating and dashing look. This fusion of classic elegance with modern curling techniques results in a pompadour that is not only fashionable but also exudes a distinctive and refined charm, making it an excellent choice for those who seek a sophisticated yet contemporary hairstyle.

14) Mid Fade Perm

Mid Fade Perm

The mid-fade perm style is a fantastic choice for those who adore the mid-fade haircut. To achieve this captivating look, begin by perming your hair into long, elegant curls. Then, complete the style with an undercut, resulting in the distinctive and appealing undercut perm.

The long hair on top plays a pivotal role in providing ample volume and showcasing beautiful curls, ensuring that your hairstyle remains voluminous and textured. Simultaneously, the mid-fade element introduces a sense of polish and sharpness to the overall appearance.

This combination of flowing curls and a well-defined mid-fade creates a visually striking hairstyle that balances modernity with a touch of classic elegance. The result is an undercut perm that is not only stylish but also exudes a sense of sophistication and flair, making it an excellent choice for those who desire a refined yet contemporary look.

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15) Long Perm Hair

 Long Perm Hair

The resurgence of this 70s hairstyle in the modern era has captured the hearts of those who appreciate the nostalgia of psychedelic rocker songs. If you’re an individual who thrives on unique and eye-catching hairstyles, the long coily hair perm is a captivating choice.

To embrace this distinct perm style, the primary requirement is long hair extending to shoulder length. While it may present some challenges in terms of maintenance, the allure of this hairstyle is undeniable. The long coily locks not only pay homage to the bygone era but also infuse a sense of individuality and artistic flair into your overall appearance.

This perm style stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of rock ‘n’ roll culture, offering a remarkable and unconventional hairstyle that exudes personality and a sense of free-spirited creativity. If you’re seeking a hairstyle that sets you apart and pays homage to the musical legends of the past, the long coily hair perm is a fantastic choice.

16) Side Partition Wavy Perm Men

Side Partition Wavy Perm Men

The side partition perm for guys has gained immense popularity for its effortlessly cool and contemporary appearance, making it a go-to choice for many celebrities and models. This unique hairstyle has emerged as a fresh trend in recent times.

To achieve this stylish look, you begin by getting your hair permed to create those alluring waves or curls. Once your hair is beautifully permed, the next step is to visit your barber and request a side partition haircut. This haircut entails creating a distinct part on one side of your head, which complements the perm brilliantly.

The result is a captivating and visually striking hairstyle that effortlessly combines the texture and volume of permed hair with the modern flair of a side partition. This perm style allows you to showcase your individuality while staying on-trend, making it a fantastic choice for those seeking a unique yet fashionable look.

17) Wavy Slicked Back

Wavy Slicked Back

The slick back perm style may be the last on our list, but it’s certainly not the least in terms of popularity among adults and men who appreciate a sophisticated yet rugged appearance, often complemented by a well-groomed beard.

To achieve this distinct look, you’ll want to start with longer hair, typically extending to shoulder length or slightly beyond. Visit a professional stylist who can work their magic to create this style. Unlike some other perm styles that feature pronounced curls or waves, the slick back perm is characterized by subtler texture and movement in the hair.

The result is a refined and effortlessly stylish appearance where the hair is gently coaxed back and away from the face, exuding a sense of confidence and maturity. This perm style is an excellent choice for those seeking a timeless yet modern look that pairs exceptionally well with a beard, enhancing the overall allure of this captivating hairstyle.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we’ve explored a wide array of perms on guys, showcasing the versatility and creativity that can be achieved with permed hair. Whether you prefer tight curls, loose waves, or something in between, there’s a perm style that can suit your unique taste and hair type.

Our aim is that you’ve found inspiration within these options, helping you discover a perm style that resonates with your personality and desired look. It’s important to remember that achieving the perfect perm requires the expertise of a professional stylist who can tailor the style to your preferences.

We value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on this article. If you found it informative and helpful in your quest for the perfect perm, please feel free to share your comments and experiences with us below.

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of men’s perm styles, and we hope you embark on your perm journey with confidence and style!


What are some trendy perm styles for guys?

Some trendy perm styles for guys include the curly undercut, loose waves, spiral curls, and beachy waves. These styles can be adapted to suit different hair lengths and personal preferences.

How long does a perm for guys typically last?

The longevity of a perm varies depending on the hair type, maintenance, and the specific perm technique used. On average, perms can last anywhere from 2 to 6 months.

Can guys with short hair get a perm?

Yes, guys with short hair can get a perm. However, the results will be different from those with longer hair. Short hair perms tend to create more of a textured or wavy look rather than tight curls.

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