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Medium-sized dogs hold a special place in the hearts of many dog enthusiasts. They offer the perfect blend of compactness and vitality, making them ideal companions for a wide range of lifestyles. Whether you’re an active individual looking for a jogging partner or a family seeking a friendly and adaptable pet, medium-sized dog breeds have something to offer everyone.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to over 15 of the most popular and beloved medium-sized dog breeds. Each of these breeds has its own unique characteristics, personality traits, and suitability for different types of households. Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or considering your very first furry friend, this exploration of medium-sized breeds will help you make an informed decision and, hopefully, lead you to your perfect canine companion.

Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Here we will explain the 15+ Popular Breeds of Medium-Sized Dogs. Each of these beloved breeds offers a unique blend of traits, personalities, and lifestyles, making it easier for you to find the ideal furry friend to share your life with:

1. American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier, often known as the AmStaff, is a medium-sized dog with a pleasant and confident demeanor. These canines are robust and muscular, yet they have a big heart for their human family. They like socializing and are recognized for their loyalty. While some people have misunderstandings about AmStaffs, with the proper training and care, they can be excellent companions. Their protective instincts make them excellent family pets, and they thrive when lavished with affection and care.

2. Bulldog

The Bulldog is a medium-sized dog breed distinguished by its striking look and endearing disposition. Despite their intimidating appearance, Bulldogs are gentle and tolerant friends. They are excellent pets for both families and individuals, especially in compact living situations like as flats. Bulldogs are distinguished by their wrinkled cheeks, loose skin, and prominent pushed-in nose. They are not high-energy dogs, preferring modest activity and lots of hugs. Because of their gentle and docile temperament, they make ideal companions for people of all ages, especially children, and are a popular option for many pet owners.

3. Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd, sometimes known as the “Aussie,” is a magnificent medium-sized dog breed. Aussies are lively and eager to please, and are known for their remarkable appearance and intelligence. They originated in the United States, despite their name, and were famous for their herding ability. These dogs are extremely trainable and thrive in a variety of activities like as obedience and agility. Australian Shepherds are as attractive as they are clever, with their stunning coats and appealing gaze. They thrive in dynamic houses and are well-liked for their devotion to their human partners.

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4. Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog, often known as the “Blue Heeler” or “Queensland Heeler,” is a medium-sized breed recognized for its limitless energy and work ethic. These dogs were originally bred for cattle herding in Australia and are bright and athletic, making them ideal working dogs and friends. Their striking blue or red speckled coat is not only attractive, but it also protects them from the intense Australian sun. Australian Cattle Dogs are devoted to their owners and thrive on mental and physical activity. They are ideal for active families and individuals who can offer them with the activity and mental challenges they require.

5. Basenji

The Basenji, sometimes known as the “Barkless Dog,” is a medium-sized breed recognized for its unusual traits. Basenjis, originally from Central Africa, are a wonderful blend of grace and freedom. What distinguishes them is their exceptionally calm disposition; instead of barking, they emit distinct yodel-like noises known as “baroos.” These intellectual dogs might be distant at times, but they are also friendly and create close ties with their families. Basenji cats are recognized for being clean and groomed, making them a good choice for individuals looking for a low-shedding breed. Their energetic and independent personalities bring a fascinating touch to the medium-sized dog world.

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6. Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie, sometimes known as the “Beardie,” is a medium-sized dog breed notable for its shaggy, flowing hair and active personality. These dogs originated in Scotland, where they were utilized as sheep and cattle herders. Bearded Collies are noted for their lively and bouncy personality. They are extremely bright and thrive on mental and physical challenges, which makes them ideal companions for busy families. Their kind and loving demeanor endears them to those who encounter them, and their unusual “beard” of fur adds to their allure. Beardies are not only affectionate pets, but they are also versatile working dogs noted for their herding abilities.

7. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a medium-sized dog breed that is known for its distinctive and charming look. Basset Hounds are difficult to forget, with their long, floppy ears, soulful eyes, and characteristic wrinkles. They are known for their calm and easygoing demeanor, which makes them ideal companions for both families and individuals. Basset Hounds, while not the most active canines, prefer leisurely walks and are pleased to lounge indoors. Their superior sense of smell, second only to the Bloodhound, makes them adept trackers. Basset Hounds are amiable and loving, frequently creating close ties with their human partners, giving them a particular place in many dog lovers’ hearts.

8. Beagle

The Beagle, a medium-sized breed with a pleasant demeanor and a wagging tail, is well-known for its inquisitive attitude. Because of their exceptional sense of smell, these canines are experts at following their noses. Beagles are happy and gregarious, making them excellent family pets who get along well with children and other canines. They like exploring their surroundings and thrive on outdoor excursions. Beagles have a particular place in the hearts of people who admire their cheerful and curious nature, thanks to their lovely demeanor and characteristic hound cry.

9. Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel, recognized for its attractive and jovial demeanor, is a medium-sized dog breed that is difficult to resist. They have an attractive demeanor with their silky ears and brilliant eyes. Cocker Spaniels are not just attractive; they are also extremely loving and clever. They are excellent family dogs and affectionate friends for both children and adults. These dogs thrive on attention and like participating in family activities. Cocker Spaniels are extremely adaptable, excelling in everything from agility to therapeutic work. Their upbeat personality and energetic temperament make them a popular choice for anyone looking for a loyal and joyous furry pet.

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10. Border Collie

The Border Collie, often considered as one of the most intellectual dog breeds, is a medium-sized energy and agility machine. These canines are distinctive in appearance, with a sleek coat and a piercing, concentrated gaze. Border Collies are extremely trainable and excel in obedience as well as sports like agility and herding trials. They thrive on mental and physical stimulation, making them excellent for busy people and families. Border Collies have an unrivaled work ethic, but they also have a caring and devoted side, forging close ties with their human partners. Their great intellect and unfailing loyalty make them not only exceptional working dogs but also beloved family members.

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11. Boykin Spaniel

The Boykin Spaniel, also referred to as the “Swamp Poodle,” is a medium-sized dog breed recognized for its love of outdoor adventures and pleasant demeanor. These dogs were initially bred in the United States to hunt waterfowl, particularly in marshy areas. Boykin Spaniels are good swimmers with webbed feet, making them ideal for water retrieval. They are both energetic and loving, making them ideal companions for active families. Their rich, chocolate-brown coat and deep eyes add to their allure. Boykin Spaniels are not only superb hunters, but also devoted and affectionate pets, making them a popular option for individuals who like the great outdoors.

12. Saluki

The Saluki, often known as the “Royal Dog of Egypt,” is a medium-sized breed distinguished by its grace, elegance, and speed. These canines have a rich history dating back thousands of years, and ancient civilizations valued them for their hunting skills. Salukis are distinguished by their slim and athletic physique, which enables them to attain amazing speeds. They are calm and reserved dogs, despite their regal look. Salukis are independent thinkers who may not be as eager to please as other breeds, but their devotion to their owners is unmistakable. 

13. Silken Windhound

The Silken Windhound is a medium-sized dog breed known for its grace and gentleness. These canines are a recent breed that was created by merging numerous sighthound breeds to create a dog that is both beautiful and sporty. Silken Windhounds are distinguished by their silky, flowing coat and slender frame, which resembles a windswept picture. They are not only beautiful, but also kind and loving, making them ideal family pets. Despite their sighthound lineage, they like modest activity and love snuggling with their human friends. 

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14. Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Spaniel, sometimes known as the “Brittany,” is a medium-sized dog breed that is recognized for its inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm to please. These canines are frequently described as having “puppy-like” eagerness all the time. They are extremely bright and excel in a variety of dog sports and activities. Brittanys have a unique orange and white or liver and white coat, and their bright eyes betray their alert and energetic personality. They are not only superb hunters, but also caring and dedicated friends, making them ideal for busy families and people who value their zeal for life and steadfast loyalty.

15. Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is a medium-sized breed noted for its active and mischievous disposition. It is easily identified by its distinctive egg-shaped head. These dogs are charming and exuberant, making them amusing and devoted friends. Bull Terriers are known for their robust personalities, and they thrive on early socialization and training to channel their energy effectively. They build deep relationships with their families and are sometimes referred to as “clowns” owing to their amusing behaviors. While their exterior may look harsh, Bull Terriers have a caring and friendly side, making them popular companions among people who enjoy their energetic and fun-loving personality.

16. Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog is a medium-sized breed that has a strong work ethic and a penchant for water. These dogs were initially trained for jobs such as herding fish into nets and retrieving lost fishing gear, which explains their fondness for water. Portuguese Water Dogs are excellent swimmers due to their webbed paws and waterproof coat. They are docile and faithful, which makes them excellent family pets. These dogs appreciate being a part of the action, whether it’s a day at the beach or a peaceful evening at home. Portuguese Water Dogs bring delight to their owners’ lives with their loving and lively character.

How to choose the Right Breed

Choosing the perfect medium-sized dog breed to welcome into your home is an exciting journey, but it’s also a decision that should be made with careful consideration.

Assess Your Lifestyle

Assessing your lifestyle is a critical step in choosing the best medium-sized dog breed. It guarantees that your dog’s requirements and traits correspond to your everyday routines and preferences. This compatibility supports a pleasant and joyful relationship between you and your pet, avoiding possible disputes and ensuring your pet’s good quality of life. 

Living Environment

It is essential to examine your living conditions while choosing the right breed of medium-sized dog. It guarantees that the breed you choose is appropriate for the space you have available, whether it’s an apartment, a house with a yard, or a rural environment. Some breeds thrive in wider, open places where they may run and play, while others thrive in smaller living environments.

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Family Dynamics

Family dynamics is Important when selecting the right breed of medium-sized dog. It ensures that the breed you choose is compatible with your household’s composition, including children and other pets. Some breeds are naturally more family-friendly, with gentle and sociable temperaments that make them ideal for homes with kids. Others may be better suited for quieter households or individuals.

Activity Preferences

When selecting the proper breed of medium-sized dog, it is essential to consider your activity preferences. It allows you to match the energy level and interests of a dog to your own. A more energetic breed may be the ideal companion for folks who like outdoor activities including as hiking, running, or playing fetch.

Grooming Commitment

Grooming dedication is an important consideration while selecting the proper breed of medium-sized dog. It aids in determining the degree of care and upkeep required for your dog’s coat. Some breeds have low-maintenance coats that require little care, while others may have long or dense hair that requires brushing, clipping, and even professional grooming on a regular basis. 

The Bottom Line

There is a breed for every personality, lifestyle, and family dynamic in the world of medium-sized dogs. These breeds provide a varied range of qualities and traits, from the bright and active Border Collie to the friendly and easygoing Bulldog. The choice to bring a medium-sized dog into your life is a big one, so make sure you pick a breed that fits your requirements and interests. Remember that, while breed characteristics might give insight into a dog’s behavior, temperament varies amongst dogs. Training, socialization, and care are all essential for any breed to thrive as a treasured family member.


Are medium-sized dogs suitable for families with children?

Medium-sized dogs are often great for families with children. Many of these breeds are known for their friendly and gentle nature, making them wonderful playmates and protectors for kids.

Do medium-sized dogs require a lot of exercise?

The exercise needs of medium-sized dogs can vary widely. Breeds like the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd require more activity, while others, like Bulldogs and Basset Hounds, are content with moderate exercise.

Are medium-sized dogs good for apartment living?

Some medium-sized breeds adapt well to apartment living, such as French Bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. However, it’s crucial to consider the dog’s exercise requirements and ensure they get enough outdoor time.

Which medium-sized breed is the most low-maintenance in terms of grooming?

Breeds with short coats, like Beagles and Boxers, are generally lower-maintenance in terms of grooming. However, even dogs with longer coats, like Cocker Spaniels and Shelties, can be kept tidy with regular grooming.

Are medium-sized dogs easy to train?

Medium-sized dogs, in general, are trainable, but ease of training can vary by breed. Breeds like the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever are known for their trainability, while more independent breeds may require extra patience and consistency.

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