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Salmon Tart

Salmon Tart

Our journey begins with the enticing Salmon Tart. This quick supper option combines tinned salmon, baby leeks, cheddar, onion, and thyme to create a simple and hearty tart. Perfect for a delightful evening meal, the Salmon Tart is not only easy to make but also suitable for lunch the next day when stored in the fridge.

Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pie

Experience the warmth and comfort of James Martin’s Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pie. This comforting pie features poached chicken, sautéed onions, mushrooms, cream, wine, and tarragon. The quality of chicken is crucial to the dish’s success. Assemble and bake for a delicious meal that captures the essence of homely flavors.

Pan-fried Duck Breast

For those seeking a more sophisticated culinary adventure, indulge in the impressive Pan-fried Duck Breast. Prepared with pan-fried duck breast in a sweet, sticky pomegranate sauce, this dish is slightly more technical. The sauce, made from scratch, elevates the presentation, creating a stunning centerpiece for any occasion.

Tagliatelle with Salmon

Tagliatelle with Salmon

Short on time but still craving exceptional flavor? James Martin’s Tagliatelle with Salmon is the answer. This easy pasta dish is perfect for a light midweek meal. Tinned salmon, crème fraîche, peas, spinach, and parmesan come together to create a winning combination. Quick to prepare with common kitchen ingredients, it’s a go-to recipe for busy days.

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Beef Fillet with Bacon and Mushroom Purée

Indulge in the richness of an Beef Fillet with Bacon and Mushroom Purée. This indulgent dish features earthy, creamy cep mushroom purée accompanying a perfectly cooked beef fillet. Jerusalem artichokes, paired with crispy bacon, contribute to a decadent side that complements the main course.

Sesame Tiger Prawns

For a flavor-packed experience, try the Sesame Tiger Prawns. These prawns are dipped in mustard and sesame seeds, fried until golden brown, and served with a zesty salad. The chili-ginger-lime dressing adds an extra layer of complexity, making this dish a delightful culinary adventure.

Salmon Croquettes

Salmon Croquettes

Bring the family together with the kid-friendly Salmon Croquettes. Featuring a crisp breadcrumb shell with a fluffy potato and flaky salmon center, these croquettes are served with sweet chili jam and watercress. A perfect balance of textures and flavors makes this recipe a crowd-pleaser.

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