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We all want to look young and have our faces look beautiful and wrinkle-free. But age and some issues cause our face and body to have wrinkles. Face wrinkles usually include wrinkles on cheeks, forehead, and above lips. 

The above lips wrinkles look very distressing if they happen at a premature age. Consequently, we start looking for the best natural treatment for wrinkles above lips or how to get rid of lip lines permanently.

The above lips wrinkles ruin the smoother skin complexion. But these wrinkles are treatable. Both natural and medical methods are there to treat them. However, natural ways took more time to treat wrinkles above lips. 

Today we will mention some best treatments for wrinkles above lips. These treatments will include both natural and medical methods. So let’s start, but before that, know about wrinkles above lips and why they happen?

What are wrinkles above lips, and why do they happen? 

Wrinkle above lips is also known as smoker’s lines or vertical lines. These wrinkles or vertical lines actually start happening in the 40s, but they can also show up if you have fair skin or are a smoker. 

Because in case you have fair skin, you will have less melanin, which protects the body from UV rays. So, a lot of sun exposure or UV radiation causes wrinkles above the lips. 

Also, if you’re a smoker, then you will have wrinkles above your lips before you’re in your 40s. 

Other reasons for wrinkles above lips can be – 

  • Poor diet.
  • Not getting adequate sleep.
  • Lack of Exercise.
  • Consuming too much alcohol.

What is the Best Treatment for wrinkles above the upper lip?

Looking for the best natural treatment for wrinkles above lips?

If yes, you are going on the right track. People who got wrinkles often search for an upper lip wrinkle cream or other lip wrinkle treatment.

There are both natural and medical methods to treat wrinkles above the lips. So let’s get to medical procedures first!

Best Medical procedures to treat wrinkles above lips!

1) Fillers

Fillers are the most common medical solutions to treat both unwanted and aging wrinkles above lips. When you get fillers, the professional inserts Hyaluronic -acid-based dermal fillers, this Hyaluronic acid’s production tends to decrease with age.

But when you get to a dermatologist to get fillers, try to decide the right amount of fillers because fillers can give you a bulky or natural look. 

Undoubtedly, fillers are the best treatment for wrinkles above lips in case you want fast results. 

2) Laser Resurfacing 

Laser resurfacing is another medical procedure to get your wrinkles above lips treated. Not just laser can treat wrinkles; it can also remove acne scars, sunspots, stretch marks, and fine lines. 

Laser treatments vaporize the skin’s outermost layers using continuous or pulsed light beams. When this happens, collagen is produced. Once the skin healing is done, it will appear younger, smoother, and softer, resulting in no wrinkles above your lips.

So consider this treatment in case you want instant results. 

3) Micro-needling

Like laser treatment, micro-needling also works by triggering the skin to produce collagen. Using tiny needles, micro-needling penetrates the skin to generate new collagen and reveal firmer, smoother skin beneath.

But even though you can do micro-needling by yourself, it is best to get them done by a professional or doctor. 

4) Platelet-Rich-Plasma

Platelet-Rich-Plasma is another best treatment for wrinkles above lips. PLP is taken from your body in this treatment and then injected back into your skin through micro-needling. This process is known as Vampire Facial.”

PRP may reduce wrinkles by creating plumper-looking skin, but you may have to undergo it again after a year.

5) Facelift

If the wrinkles above your lips are not responding to any treatment, then you can consider a facelift. Skin elasticity is improved, and wrinkles are smoothed through incisions, fat transfers, muscle lifting, and lifting of tissues.

But a facelift can cost you a hefty amount. So consider this only as of the last option. 

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Best Natural/ Do-At-Home Treatments for Wrinkles Above Lips!

Natural treatments are best to get because they have no side effects, plus they are much more affordable than medical treatments. But natural treatments take time to show effects and lighten Wrinkles above lips.

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Let’s have a look at legit and best natural treatments for wrinkles above lips!

1) Regular Oil Massages

If you have developed pre-age wrinkles above your lips, but you don’t want to get fillers or any other medical treatment. Then slow and the best way to treat those wrinkles is regular oil massages.

It is best to use coconut, grapeseed, or olive oil to massage your face. The oils actually hydrate your skin, fight free-radical damage to cells and provide antioxidants to your skin. 

So take a generous amount of oil, use it on your face and especially above your lips, and massage for some time. Now leave it overnight to see better results slowly. 

2) Lemon Juice

You may find it odd to hear, but lemon can also treat the above-lips wrinkles. Actually, acids react with skin and tighten it. Also, the antioxidants in lemon help skin make more collagen to promote healthily and wrinkle-free skin. 

It is the best home treatment but take care while using it, don’t pour it in your eyes. You can even use lime or pineapple in place of lemon to treat wrinkles. 

Use lemon juice or other citrus fruit juice on your wrinkle area and dab it using your fingertips. You will start seeing clear results in a few days.

3) Using a Collagen-based Serum

If you have read it till now, you know that wrinkles also happen due to less collagen production. Also, collagen is responsible for healthy skin. So to remove those wrinkles above the lips and promote healthy skin, you can use a serum with collagen. 

Use a collagen-based serum at night on your face after cleansing your skin. And then use a moisturizer afterward. Leave it overnight to see better results in a few days. 

4) Avoid direct sun contact with skin

This may not be a treatment, but it is a great way to avoid extra wrinkles above lips. You should avoid direct sun contact with your skin, especially if you have fair skin. Because people with fair skin have low melanin, that protects skin from UV rays and helps skin stay in its shape. 

So either use sunscreen cream if you are going under direct sun exposure or avoid direct sun contact. 

5) Plant Oils

You can also use plant oils to treat wrinkles above lips. Because like massage oils, plant oils can also be used to moisturize the skin and make skin wrinkles disappear. 

Research shows that plant oils contain essential fatty acids, which help build and also maintain the skin’s elasticity and fight the damage done by UV rays. 

So use castor oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil on the affected area twice a day. Your wrinkles will start disappearing soon. 

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Things you can do to avoid Wrinkles above Lips!

If you don’t have wrinkles above your lips, but you are worried that they may appear in your 40s, then worry not because there can be various things you can do to avoid wrinkles above lips and overall wrinkles on your face. Here are things that you can do to prevent Wrinkles above Lips!

1) Increase blood flow to your skin with Cinnamon 

Cinnamon helps increase the blood flow in your skin, control blood sugar and improve the immune system. With cinnamon, the blood flow in the upper layer of the skin improves, and it helps to avoid wrinkles at the end. 

Take a cinnamon powder, mix some oil, and massage on the face and then leave it for 15 minutes. Using it daily, avoid wrinkles on your face overall.

2) Eat Antioxidant-Rich Food

Consuming antioxidant-rich foods helps maintain the anti-oxidants in your body. This balance of antioxidants eventually helps in avoiding wrinkles above the lips.

3) Maintain Weight

Bodyweight affects the wrinkles on your face. Because you also get fat on your face. The fat can make your skin wrinkled. So try to maintain Weight to avoid Wrinkles above lips.

4) Quit Smoking and Alcohol

As mentioned above, smoking and alcohol consumption lead to pre-age wrinkles on your face. So if you’re a smoker or alcoholic, leave both these things for the sake of your face, skin, and overall health. 

5) Use moisturizer to maintain skin moisture

Dryness or low moisture on your skin can lead to wrinkles, as skin cracks with dryness. So use an adequate amount of moisturizer to avoid wrinkles above the lips. 


So these were the best treatment for wrinkles above lips, according to us. Of course, you can use natural treatments if you have fewer wrinkles and don’t want any facial treatments. But in case you want quick treatment and have the budget, then go for Medical treatments. 

We’d love to know what you think of our article. You are also invited to submit suggestions. 

Thank you for reading!


Can I prevent wrinkles above my lips?

Implementing preventive measures can minimize the development of wrinkles.

How long do professional treatments last?

The longevity of professional treatments varies; it’s essential to discuss this with your skincare specialist.

Are natural remedies effective in reducing wrinkles?

Natural remedies, when combined with a holistic approach, can contribute to wrinkle reduction.

What age is suitable for starting preventive measures?

It’s never too early to start preventive measures; the earlier, the better.

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