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8 Valuable Things to Look for at Goodwill

Embarking on a journey through thrift stores like Goodwill can be an exhilarating treasure hunt. In this guide, we’ll unveil eight valuable items to keep an eye out for during your thrift shopping escapades. From practical dishware to timeless wooden furniture, Goodwill holds hidden gems waiting to find a new home.



Embrace the trend of dishwasher mismatches by opting for individual pieces at Goodwill. Save money and add character to your table with unique thrifted dishware.

Vintage Canning Jars

Discover the allure of vintage canning jars, sought after by collectors. Whether you repurpose them for home decor or use them for canning, these jars are a multifaceted thrift store find.

Picture Frames

Look beyond questionable artwork and focus on the frames. Transform ornate frames from Goodwill into a canvas for displaying the things you truly love.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture

Thrift stores offer a treasure trove of timeless solid wood furniture. From desks to dressers, chairs, and benches, furnish your space at a fraction of the cost of new pieces.

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Colored Pyrex

Spot an old-fashioned pink Pyrex bowl at Goodwill? Don’t hesitate to add it to your cart. These colorful relics bring a touch of nostalgia and style to your kitchen.

Cast-Iron Cookware

Invest in heavy-duty cast-iron skillets, pots, and pans at Goodwill. Enjoy the durability and versatility of these thrifted culinary essentials at a fraction of the cost.



Explore the book section for literary treasures. Whether you’re building a library or looking for a good read, Goodwill’s book collection has something for everyone.


Polish and restore solid silver artifacts found at Goodwill. Transform slightly tarnished pieces into like-new condition and potentially sell them for a fantastic price.

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