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8 Cozy Favorites From Trader Joe’s That’ll Help Beat the Winter Blues

Trader Joe’s offers a delightful array of winter favorites to help beat the winter blues and indulge in comforting flavors. Here are eight cozy favorites to try:

Spicy Meat Pizza

Indulge in Trader Joe’s Spicy Meat Pizza, featuring authentic Italian meat imported directly from Italy. Enjoy the comforting warmth of this gooey personal pizza, perfect for a cozy night in.


Carbonara Pasta

Discover Trader Joe’s new frozen carbonara pasta, made with pancetta, eggs, cheese, and olive oil straight from Italy. Enjoy a rich and filling pasta dish that’s easy to prepare, ideal for busy weeknights.


Chile Rellenos

Try Trader Joe’s new Chile Rellenos, a frozen version of the classic Mexican dish stuffed with green chile and minced meat. Enjoy the convenience of expertly made chile rellenos without the hassle of preparation.


Calamansi & Mango Sorbet

Prepare for warmer weather with Trader Joe’s refreshing Calamansi & Mango Sorbet, blending the tartness of calamansi with the tropical sweetness of mango. Enjoy this sweet and sour treat any time of year, transporting you to a sunny paradise.

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Black Garlic Cream Cheese Spread

Elevate your snacks with Trader Joe’s Black Garlic Cream Cheese Spread, featuring savory fermented black garlic and roasted garlic powder. Spread it on bagels or use it as a dip for crackers and vegetables, adding a unique and flavorful twist to your snacks.


Jalapeño & Cream Cheese Crispy Wontons

Enjoy crispy, spicy, and tangy Jalapeño & Cream Cheese Crispy Wontons from Trader Joe’s. Bake them up for a crunchy snack perfect for any occasion, whether you’re hosting a party or enjoying a movie night at home.


Thai Peanut Satay Sauce

Experience the rich and creamy flavor of Trader Joe’s Thai Peanut Satay Sauce, crafted with coconut milk, peanuts, and aromatic spices. Perfect for dipping or as a sauce for burgers and noodles, adding a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes.


Snickerdoodle Cookies

Indulge in Trader Joe’s new Snickerdoodle Cookies, topped with a cinnamon-sugar coating for a sweet and spicy treat. Enjoy the crispy exterior and chewy interior with your favorite beverage, whether it’s a cup of hot cocoa or a steaming mug of tea.


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