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Geraniums, with their vibrant blooms, are a must-have for front porch planters. These cheerful plants, when provided with the right care such as fertilizer and deadheading, will reward you with blossoms from spring through summer. While they prefer full sun, a touch of afternoon shade in extreme heat keeps them at their best.


For a dramatic focal point, consider the tropical allure of hibiscus. Grouped with other pots or featuring a braided trunk, hibiscus creates a stunning visual impact. With proper care and protection from the cold, these plants can thrive for a long time. During winter, keeping them indoors ensures their well-being.


Caladium steals the spotlight with its heart-shaped leaves, making it a perfect choice for container gardening. When placed in a shaded position and paired with impatiens, it becomes a visual delight. However, caution is needed as caladiums contain insoluble calcium oxalates, making them toxic to pets if ingested.


As Melissa Lallo Johnson notes, impatiens are timeless classics that never grow old. They serve as both fillers and spillers, adding charm to your containers. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for various garden designs.

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Sweet Potato Vine

For a vibrant color contrast, introduce trailing sweet potato vines to your containers. The foliage comes in shades ranging from brilliant lime green to dark purple, offering a striking visual appeal. As a favorite spiller, sweet potato vines bring significant impact with their big leaves and colors.


Beyond its culinary use, basil plays a dual role in container gardens. Not only does it provide fresh leaves for your cooking experiments, but it also acts as a natural mosquito deterrent. Allowing basil plants to flower adds an extra layer of charm, making them perfect for both form and function in your planters.


Contrary to common belief, irises can thrive in pots. Melissa Lallo Johnson attests to growing 23 varieties of irises on her farm, appreciating not just their spectacular blooms but also the gorgeous bluish-green leaves they offer post-display.

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