Wella t11 before and after

After bleaching or dyeing your hair blonde, do you see yellow or brassy tones in your hair? If this is the case, a hair toner should be used to remedy the situation. The red, orange, and yellow undertones in your bleached hair may be neutralized using a hair toner. Colored tresses seem more natural, with toners available in green, blue, and violet hues. For example, a violet toner may remove yellow tones from your hair, a blue toner can remove orange tones, and a green toner can remove red tones. Toner can even provide your hair shade like Wella's T11 toner does. The toner is great for eliminating Yellow undertones & making your hair look the lightest beige blonde. Here is Wella t11 before and after photo for precise results from it:


So the Wella t11 is quite good for your hair if you acquire the incorrect color shade and the brassy or warm undertones are causing your hair to lose its luster. Let's learn more about the Wella t11, its advantages, how to use it, its compositions, and other details!

What is Wella Toner? 

The Wella Toner evens out the tones of bleached hair. It is preferable to use this product when your hair is in its natural form rather than after a chemical treatment. For example, some folks chose platinum and ended up with a banana-like color instead. This is precisely what toner is intended to fix.

Wella offers a variety of toners, including Wella t10, t14, t18, t11, t15, and t28. Toners of various types bring diverse colors to hair, making it appear wonderful.

If your hair is already dark, go with T15, T11, T27, or T35.

T10, T18, T14, or T28 may be used to get a light or ashy blonde tint.

Use 20 volume developers.

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What does Wella T11 do?

Wella t11 toner is a Wella toner that eliminates warm hues from hair and leaves you with the lightest beige blonde hair color. In addition, the Wella T11 Hair Toner's liquid fuse technology guarantees that the hair is saturated penetrated, and fused with the dye to create bright, fade-resistant color.

The extra gentle formulation is ideal for creating delicate blonde tones like the lightest beige blonde and neutralizing unwanted warmth after lightening.

How to Use Wella T11 Toner? 

You should bleach your hair before applying a toner to remove the brassy color. After your hair has been lightened to a pale yellow tint, you may apply toner.

First, bleach your hair.

The Wella T11 toner will not work unless you first bleach your hair.

After this phase, use the Wella T11 Toner.

  • Combine 1 part toner and 2 parts developer in a bottle.
  • Toner should be used to tone your hair.
  • Be patient for the following twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Use a conditioner to wash your hair in the shower.

Which toner volume to use in Wella T11? 

A 20 volume developer in Wella t11 should be used since it is neither too harsh nor too light on the hair.

Here is the DIY video for Wella t11 toner:

What are the benefits of using Wella T11 Toner? 

Also, here are the benefits of T11:

  • Toner is quite soft and mild.
  • Pre-lightens hair uniformly.
  • The twofold technique is ideal for getting pure blonde hair color results.
  • This extra mild product gently and evenly removes brass tones, giving in a beautiful blonde every time.
  • On both naturally and pre-lightened blonde hair, unwanted warmth may be neutralized or reversed.

Wella t11 before and after

Before T11 Toner
After T11 Toner

Before and after photos show how the color changes. The color in the first photo is more brassy and orangey, but after applying the Wella t11 toner, it transforms into a gorgeous lightest beige blonde. Thus, if you desire the lightest beige blonde color after having brassy tones in your hair, you may definitely opt for the Wella t11. However, you must first bleach your hair before using the t11 toner.

Where to Buy Wella T11 toner? 

You can buy Wella t11 toner from either your nearest store or online stores like Amazon or Walmart. Here is the product link for easy buy with its specifications:

WELLA Color Charm T11 Permanent Liquid Hair Toner

Lightest Beige Blonde

  • Brand – Wella
  • Volume- 42ml
  • Form – Liquid
  • Provides – Lightest Beige Blonde
  • 5k+ Ratings
  • Customer Ratings – 4.4 Stars

Frequently Asked Questions

What volume toner should I use to bleach my roots?
We'd suggest 20 volume developers. Just the right amount of oomph, but not too much that it will damage your hair.

For how long can I keep my hair bleached?

A quarter of an hour. More than 30 minutes, but less than 20 minutes.

For Wella toner, what volume toner should I use?

A 20-volume developer is what I'd suggest.

For how long can I keep the toner on my hair?

20 to 25 minutes would be ideal. Unfortunately, more than 15 minutes is required, and 35 minutes is overkill.

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Bottom Line

This was all about Wella t11 & all information about it. We hope you found the accurate results for Wella t11 before and after pics & please let us know your thoughts & recommendations in the comments below.

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