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How to get rid of vertical lines on forehead – After the age of 25, you may have started noticing the lines on your forehead. The lines are both in vertical & horizontal ways. These lines can be due to genes, stress, sunlight, smoking, & most importantly, age. However, the vertical lines, also known as frown lines, are more worrying & they start to appear even at the age of 25. So, how to get rid of vertical lines on forehead? 

The vertical lines can be corrected; one just needs to follow some instructions & change the lifestyle. Continue reading this article & you will know how you can correct vertical lines. 

What causes vertical forehead lines? 

The vertical forehead lines that appear in between eyes & even on the forehead happen due to age when skin loses elasticity, & skin does not return to its original shape. But the frown lines can also happen many other factors. 

  • Sunlight – UV rays from the sun break down your skin’s elastin and collagen, making you more susceptible to wrinkles.
  • Stress – Often, stress causes facial tension, resulting in repeated facial expressions, causing frown lines.
  • Smoking – When you smoke a cigarette or cigar repeatedly, frown lines can form around your mouth. By inhaling tobacco smoke, the blood vessels narrow, which reduces the delivery of oxygenated blood to those tissues, resulting in wrinkles and lines.
  • Genetics-  Your DNA determines whether you have resilient skin and can delay lines or skin that is more prone to lines and wrinkles.
  • Repeated expressions- Making repeated facial expressions may increase the likelihood of getting frown lines quicker.

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How to get rid of vertical lines on forehead? 

The vertical lines on your forehead can be treated & you can again have a smooth forehead. Here are the methods or ways to remove & diminish frown lines:

1) Home Remedies & Treatment 

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  • After washing your face, apply coconut oil or olive oil, on your forehead & massage thoroughly the skin absorbs the oil. 
  • Use anti-aging creams on your affected skin. Use a good brand cream, which has good reviews & results. 
  • Wear an anti-aging patch on the frown lines during the night. The treatment will definitely help reduce the vertical lines. 
  • Exfoliate your face & skin at least two times a week. It will remove dead skin cells & let the skin absorb the skincare. 
  • Do the forehead exercises to make skin more elastic & decrease the vertical lines. 
  • Apply a citrus fruit pack
  • Work aloe vera on the vertical lines. 

2) Lifestyle Changes

  • Improve your diet & include antioxidants-rich foods; eat salmon & cold-water fish. You can even increase soy in your food. 
  • Avoid the sun & even when you are going out in the sun, apply sunscreen
  • Get proper sleep & decrease stress in your life. 
  • Don’t do smoking. 
  • Don’t put pressure on your eyes. 

3) Professional Treatments 

  • Consider getting botox & other neurotoxins treatments to get rid of vertical lines on forehead. 
  • Get laser resurfacing; it can also remove the vertical lines. 
  •  By toning the muscles in your face, an acupuncturist might be able to reduce your forehead wrinkles.

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How to prevent Vertical Lines on Forehead? 

Even if you do not have vertical lines on your forehead, & still worrying about them, then you should follow some steps to prevent them. Here are those steps/ to follow:

  • Avoid smoking. 
  • Minimize sun exposure. 
  • Avoid taking too much stress. 
  • Apply & Massage coconut oil or olive oil on your forehead daily. 
  • Use a citrus fruit mask from time to time.
  • Take a healthy diet. 

How to get rid of vertical lines on forehead with skincare products?

Skincare product that has Retinol or Hyaluronic Acid in them is considered as best for resisting & decreasing skin wrinkling. So it will definitely work on Vertical lines on the forehead. Here are some best-recommended products containing Retinol. 


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Bottom Line

To address vertical lines on the forehead, a multifaceted approach is recommended. Incorporate skincare with retinoids and antioxidants, use sunscreen diligently to prevent further damage, and consider facial exercises. While cosmetic procedures like Botox injections are an option, a holistic approach combining skincare, sun protection, and healthy habits can contribute to reducing and preventing forehead lines. Individual responses may vary, and consulting with a dermatologist for personalized advice is advisable.


What causes vertical lines on the forehead?

Vertical lines on the forehead are often caused by a combination of factors, including natural aging, repeated facial expressions (such as frowning), sun damage, and a decrease in collagen and elastin production in the skin.

Can skincare products help reduce forehead lines?

Yes, certain skincare products can help minimize the appearance of forehead lines. Look for products containing retinoids, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants. These ingredients can promote collagen production and improve skin texture.

Are there any home remedies for forehead lines?

Some home remedies may help, such as applying moisturizers, using sunscreen regularly, and practicing facial exercises. However, the effectiveness of these methods can vary from person to person.

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