How much is a blowout?

Most people like to have shiny, smooth hair with a lot of volume. These kinds of hair look attractive. So how can someone have such hair? 

The simplest way is blowout! Through blowout, you can get shiny, smooth, and volumized hair. However, many of you may not have heard about what a blowout is!

Today we'll mention every detail possible about blowouts like, What is a blowout? How much is a blowout? How much time does it take for a blowout? How much time does it last? And can you do it by yourself at home? 

So let's get started!

What is a blowout?

A blowout is a way of styling made hair to look shiny, smooth, and voluminous through a process. You can even guess from the name what blowout will include– It includes the use of a hairdryer. It consists of no cut, no hair color, just styling hair to make them look stunning.

Not the only hairdryer, some products are also used to protect and improve the looks of hair. It can include shampoo, hair conditioner, and even heat-protecting and detangling products. 

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What is the process of a blowout?

Blowout is done through a process involving various products and, of course, a hairdryer. Here is the process-

  • Firstly your hairstylist will wash your hair with shampoo to boost your hair's health and clean them.
  • Then, your hair will be treated with a conditioner for hydrating and improving your hair's shine.
  • Now your hair will be towel dried.
  • Your hairstylist will use detangling products and heat-resistant products on your hair for further process.
  • This is the time to style your hair. Your hair stylists will use a round ceramic brush to hold heat and transfer on your hair, coming through the dryer.
  • The products used earlier and the brush will make your hair smooth and shiny. 
  • The hairdryer will make them voluminous. Now your stylist will use cool air and products to hold your hair.
  • Taa, Daa, you have got a blowout!

What are the different types of a blowout? 

Blowout has different types, and even there are different types of blowout according to countries. Usually, there are three types of blowouts and five according to countries. Here are types of blowouts- 

  1.  Straight Blowout
  2. Wavy Blowout
  3. Curly Blowout

According to countries –

  1. American blowout
  2. Dominican Republic Blowout
  3. French Blowout
  4. Brazilian Blowout
  5. Japanese Blowout

Among all of them, Brazilian blowouts are famous all over the world. 

How much is a blowout?

It is obvious that the cost of blowout depends on the salon you're getting blowout from and various products used in the styling. Mostly, a blowout in the USA costs between $45 to $90. If you're getting the styling from a local salon, it can cost even less than $45.

Some high-end salons cost more than $90 for a standard blowout service. 

How much does a Brazilian blowout cost?

You will be surprised to hear that a Brazilian blowout averagely costs around $400 if you never get that. But obviously, the service and results you get in a Brazilian blowout are high-end. 

The least amount of Brazilian blowout is around $200 in the USA.

But the cost is genuine because a Brzalialin blowout lasts for two to four months if you take good care of your hair.

How much time does it take for a Blowout?

Usually, it takes around 45-60 minutes for a standard blowout because it involves hair washing to applying products, and then hair drying. So it takes time to do that. 

A Brazilian blowout may take one to one and half hours to completely get it done. So budget more time if you're planning to get a Brazilian blowout.

How much time does a Blowout last?

A blowout usually lasts for three to five days, with your hair being smooth, shiny, and with volume. However, if you get the treatment regularly, then the time interval between your styling will increase because your hair will get used to the styling. 

If we talk about a Brazilian blowout, it will last for two to four months if good care of your hair is taken.

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Can you Blowout At Home?

You may think that you can blow out your hair at home after watching your hairstylist several times, but you will not get the same results as your hairstylist. 

Because firstly, it requires skills to blow out the hair; secondly, you will not get a look at your hair from the back. 

Also, if you're trying blowout at home, use good quality products and watch or read about the process of a blowout. It may be possible you will get results near your hairstylist.

Do blowouts damage your hair over time?

The answer to the question is ‘No,' as compared to other heat-involving styles like curling or hair straightening. 

Also, the regular use of heat styling products can damage your hair, but blowout does not damage your hair. Because it already involves the use of heat-resistant products and hair health-improving products. 

So, don't worry, blowout does not damage your hair if you're taking service from a good salon and hairstylist.

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Bottom Line

So this was everything you should know about blowouts and, most importantly, how much is a blowout costs. 

If you have any suggestions or any other thoughts about this article, please let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

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