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Every Type of Perm from Body Wave Perm to Straight Perm!

Perms have come a long way since their popularity in the 80s. From adding volume and texture to achieving sleek, straight locks, there are various types of perms available to suit different hair types and preferences. In this blog post, we will explore every type of perm, from the classic body wave perm to the modern straight perm. Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural curls or achieve a completely different look, there’s a perm option out there for you. So, let’s dive in and discover the world of perms!

Women with straight hair want to get wavy or curly hair for once in their life, as they find them beautiful & attractive. To get wavy hair, women used to attach rollers for the whole night & then they would get the curls in their hair. But with the changing times, it has become easy to get wavy or curly hair & even permanent waves. Various types of permanent waves or perms can be achieved nowadays & they last longer. One of the most popular perm styles is Body Wave Perm. 

This article will focus on perms, and their styles & even differentiate some kinds of perms. 

So let’s get started!

What are Perms & How are they achieved? 

Perms, short for Permanent Waves, are the result of a process that utilizes specific products, tools, and techniques to achieve long-lasting curls. This procedure involves heat-treating the hair and curling it in rollers for a specified duration. Due to the use of heat, perming is a delicate process and can potentially harm the hair if not executed correctly. Therefore, seeking the assistance of a professional stylist is crucial to ensure the procedure is done safely and effectively.

Professionals possess the expertise to tailor the perm to individual hair types, minimizing the risk of damage and maximizing the longevity and beauty of the curls. Entrusting perming to a skilled professional guarantees a safe and successful transformation, enhancing the overall health and appearance of the hair.

Every Type of Perm 

Perms have many types & women can choose any perm style they want or suits them. Let’s have a look at popular types of Perms. 

1) Body Wave Perm

Body Wave Perm

Body wave perm is the most trending, natural & popular style of perms. Body wave perm gives & texture to hair with simple curls. In order to get a body wave perm, long rods are used & they are attached loosely to hair, which gives long, simple curls to hair. Moreover, they even add texture & offer long-lasting blowouts. 

The most suitable hair for getting a body wave perm is natural, straight, and inconsistent hair. Body wave perm is best for women who want soft, textured waves in their hair. However, for the best look, at least shoulder-length hair should be there. 

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Here are the images showing girls with perms of Body wave style:

2) Spiral Perm

Spiral Perm

Spiral Perm, as the suggested name, makes hair more curly than body wave curls. Spiral types of perm are among the most popular perm styles. The rods used in a spiral perm are usually smaller & opposite of other perm styles; these are used vertically on hair. As a result, spiral Perm is tighter & lasts longer than body wave curls. Moreover, they look cute & give medium texture to hair.

In order to get spiral perms, the hair needs to be strong because chemicals are applied to get tight curls. This can damage your hair & make your hair dry. Also, the hair length needs to be at least eight inches to attain this perm style.

If taken care of properly, a spiral perm can last up to six months. Here are the girls with perms of spiral style:

3) Piggyback Perm

Piggyback Perm

Piggyback perm looks like spiral perms, but they are more complex, difficult to do & even involve the use of more products & rollers. Piggyback perm gives a more textured look to hair & the perms in this style are done from the roots of the hair.

Actually, Piggyback perm involves using two rods per segment, whereas one rod is used in all other perm styles. This perm style looks best & suits long hair & hair which are strong.

The piggyback perm can last for up to six months. The hair must be curled in small, thin rods in order to achieve a piggyback perm.

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Piggyback perms are difficult to do, so it is best to have a professional do it.

4) Spot perm

Spot perm

Spot perms are specifically designed to create loose waves, primarily focusing on the lower part of the hair. Achieved with larger rods, this type of perm is relatively easy to do with a curler for a short duration. The larger rods contribute to a more relaxed and casual wave pattern, providing a subtle and natural-looking result. However, since spot perms concentrate on specific sections, touch-ups may be necessary in a shorter time frame to maintain the desired wave effect.

This perm option offers flexibility and ease of styling while allowing for adjustments to suit individual preferences and evolving trends. Embrace the convenience of spot perms for a laid-back and effortlessly chic hairstyle that can be refreshed as needed.

5) Digital Perm

Digital Perm

The digital perm is an ideal choice for women seeking a natural-looking, loose wave with a long-lasting effect. Not involving harsh chemicals, this perm utilizes a balanced use of chemicals paired with infrared heat to ensure perfect curls. While it may require extra time in a professional’s chair, the results are stunning and enduring. This method of perming provides a healthier alternative, minimizing potential damage to the hair. The use of infrared heat allows for a more controlled and precise curling process, catering to individual preferences. Embrace the transformative beauty of a digital perm for effortlessly chic, loose waves that stand the test of time, promising a stunning and lasting outcome.

6) Stack Perm

Stack Perm

The Stack Perm is a distinctive and unique type of perm that imparts a straighter appearance from the roots and transitions into a curly style towards the ends. This particular perm technique results in the creation of numerous layers throughout the hair. It’s important to note that individuals with layered hair should avoid getting a Stack Perm, as it can potentially complicate the overall hairstyle. The Stack Perm offers a dynamic and multidimensional effect, providing a blend of straight and curly textures for a striking visual impact.

Considering the layered outcome, this perm style is best suited for those with a preference for a voluminous and textured look without pre-existing layers in their hair. Embrace the uniqueness of the Stack Perm for a hairstyle that stands out with its captivating combination of straight and curly elements.

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A variety of rod sizes are used in this perm, making it look natural & beautiful.

7) Multi-Textured Perm

Multi-Textured Perm

Multi-textured perms are renowned for creating incredibly realistic and tightly curled looks, utilizing perm rods of various sizes to achieve a multitude of curl shapes. This approach differs from body wave perms, as it focuses on creating a diverse range of curls. Ideal for medium to long-length hair, this perm style offers versatility and can stay in place for several months, providing a long-lasting and dynamic texture. The varied curl shapes contribute to a natural and textured appearance, offering a realistic and visually captivating result. Embrace the beauty of multi-textured perms for a unique and vibrant hairstyle that enhances the overall charm of medium to long-length hair with its intricacy and longevity.

The look in this perm style is more bouncy & highly textured.

8) Straight Perm

Straight Perm

Indeed, the straight perm is a unique option that defies the conventional notion of curls. This perm involves the use of a potent alkaline solution to break down the natural curly bonds in the hair. The process results in hair that appears long and exceptionally smooth, offering a sleek and straightened look. Unlike traditional perms, which enhance curls, the straight perm is designed to transform and relax the natural curl pattern, achieving a strikingly different texture.

The use of a strong alkaline solution ensures a significant alteration in the hair’s structure, providing individuals with a sleek and straightened aesthetic. Embrace the transformative power of the straight perm for a smooth and long appearance, diverging from the conventional curly perm styles.

Piggyback Perm vs Spiral Perm

Piggyback perm & spiral perm look like each other, but there are a lot of differences in both perm styles. Let’s see the Piggyback perm vs spiral perm differences:

Piggyback PermSpiral Perm
Piggyback perms are ideal for basically long-length hair.The hair is easier to section in a spiral perm than in a piggyback perm.
The hair is tricky to section this perm.The hair is easier to section in a spiral perm than in a piggyback perm.
Two rods are used on one section of hair,This perm can be tight, loose, or soft & in different variations.
The rods are rolled horizontally in this perm style.Rods are vertically rolled, to give a modern touch to perm.
There is not much variation in perm like hair is loose hair only. This perm can be tight, loose, soft & in different variations.

Apart from these differences, there are some similarities, both the perm styles give voluminous hair, both last more than six months & both involve perming from roots.

Bottom Line

Perms offers a wide range of options for individuals looking to transform their hair. From achieving voluminous waves with a body wave perm to rocking sleek, straight locks with a straight perm, there’s a perm type for everyone. Whether you want to enhance your natural curls or try something completely different, consult with a professional stylist to determine the best perm for your hair type and desired look. Remember to consider the maintenance and aftercare required to keep your perm looking its best. So, go ahead and explore the world of perms to find the perfect style that suits your personality and brings out the best in your hair!

This was all about different types of perms, like body wave perms, spiral perm, piggyback perm, etc. We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Let us know your thoughts, about this article in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!


What is the difference between a Body Wave Perm and a Regular Perm?

A Body Wave Perm creates loose, natural-looking waves, adding volume and movement to the hair. On the other hand, a Regular Perm produces tighter curls, offering a more defined and classic curly hairstyle. The choice depends on the desired level of curl and overall style preference.

Can I get a Perm if my hair is already chemically treated or colored?

While it’s possible to get a perm on colored or chemically treated hair, it’s essential to consult with a professional stylist. They can assess the condition of your hair and determine the best approach to avoid damage. In some cases, a consultation may reveal that a specific type of perm is more suitable for previously treated hair.

How long does a Perm last, and how can I maintain it?

The longevity of a perm varies depending on the type and care. On average, perms can last anywhere from 2 to 6 months. To maintain your perm, it’s crucial to use sulfate-free products, avoid excessive heat styling, and schedule regular trims to prevent split ends. Additionally, follow your stylist’s advice on post-perm care.

Is a Straight Perm suitable for all hair types?

A Straight Perm, also known as a Japanese or Thermal Reconditioning Perm, is suitable for individuals with wavy or curly hair seeking a sleek, straight look. However, the process involves chemical treatments, so it’s essential to assess the hair’s condition and consult with a professional stylist to determine if it’s a suitable option for your specific hair type and texture.

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