Can You Take A Bath After Getting A Tattoo?

When you get a tattoo, you should take care of your skin afterward. Skin can become dry and look painful when not taken care of properly. After receiving a tattoo, many people experience the same question: can you take a bath after getting a tattoo? If so, then the article below is for you. Read on to find out what you can take a bath after getting a tattoo. 

Can I take a shower after getting a tattoo?

Nowadays, it's pretty popular to get a tattoo, which raises questions about tattoos and aftercare. If, for example, you are wondering if you can take a shower or bath after getting a tattoo, the answer is “NO.” 

This is because when you get a new tattoo, it is an open wound, and you don't want to make it wet. This is also true for your tattoo. The soaking of tattoos in water may lead to the growth of bacteria and infection. 

Furthermore, soaking can dry out the skin, causing it to crack and more susceptible to infection and scarring. Hence, it is better not to swim or sit in a hot tub, pool, or open water for at least two weeks.  

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How long after a tattoo can I have a bath?

Because soaking and wetting are two different things, it is OK to make your tattoo wet, but never soak it in it, since it could damage your skin and ruin your tattoo. 

While the open wound heals, you cannot submerge a tattoo in water for 2-4 weeks. If you swim, bathe, or use a hot tub soon after getting a tattoo, a bacterial infection can ruin the tattoo and make you sick. Therefore, for two weeks after getting a tattoo, you should avoid taking baths. 

Why is my tattoo fading after three days?

This is a bit of a problem. This is because a tattoo “fades” to the naked sight within a few days of being applied. The top layer of the skin dies as it heals, and new skin grows to take its place. During this time, the epidermis usually seems faded. However, as the peeling fades and the dead skin falls off, the tattoo pattern will look sharp and new. Even so, it won't have the same deep black tone as when your tattooist put their gun away.

What do you do if you accidentally submerge a new tattoo?

If you accidentally get your tattoo wet, it's normal. There's no need to panic. Wetting a tattoo doesn't pose much of a problem, but submerging it does. All you have to do if your tattoo is accidentally immersed in water for long periods is follow these simple steps: 

  • Wash tattoos with antibacterial tattoo wash.
  • Let the area air dry. Another option is to pat it dry with a non-fluffy towel or cloth.

After getting a new tattoo, showering is not only acceptable; it is necessary for good hygiene as long as it does not make your tattoo soak in water for a long time. Showering shouldn't interfere with your tattoo's healing process as long as you follow the aftercare instructions your tattoo artist gives you and try not to rub or soak your new ink.

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