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8 Most Adorable Valentine’s Day Treats at Trader Joe’s

Belgian Chocolate Hearts

Belgian Chocolate Hearts

No Valentine’s Day is complete without chocolate, and Trader Joe’s Belgian Chocolate Hearts take the sweetness to another level. Priced at a mere $1.49, these heart-shaped chocolates promise to be a delightful addition to your celebration.

Raspberry Mousse Cakes

Trader Joe’s seasonal mousse cakes, known for their charming shapes, now feature a vibrant pink, raspberry-shaped variety. Discover the joy of indulging in these delightful Raspberry Mousse Cakes that add a burst of color and flavor to your festivities.

Heart Shaped Macarons

For a touch of elegance, explore Trader Joe’s frozen foods department, where heart-shaped macarons steal the spotlight. Priced at $5.49 per package, each box contains eight bite-sized macarons, offering a delightful combination of vanilla crème with a hint of strawberry.

Raspberry Hearts Cookies

Raspberry Hearts Cookies

If you have a penchant for shortbread, Trader Joe’s has a treat for you – the Raspberry Hearts Cookies. These cookies feature two tender, crumbly shortbread layers filled with luscious raspberry jam, available at $5.99 a box.

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Gummy Xs & Os

Calling all fans of Scandinavian swimmers! Trader Joe’s introduces Gummy Xs & Os, chewy, soft candies in pink and white hues priced at $3.49. These delightful treats are sure to bring smiles on Valentine’s Day.

Jelly Bean Hearts

While Trader Joe’s is known for its jelly beans, this Valentine’s Day brings a more joyful surprise – Jelly Bean Hearts. Priced at $1.49, these heart-shaped jelly beans are crafted by the same Irish candy manufacturer that produces their regular jelly beans.

Valentine Sprinkle

Valentine Sprinkle

Elevate your desserts with Trader Joe’s Valentine Sprinkle, the ideal topping for ice cream sundaes, cookies, or cupcakes. These pink, red, and white bits come in various shapes, adding a festive touch to your Valentine’s Day treats.

Chocolatey Dipping Kit

For a delightful pastime, consider the new Chocolatey Dipping Kit from Trader Joe’s, available at $3.99. Grab your favorite marshmallows, cookies, and fruits, and dip them into two packets of milk and dark chocolate discs.

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