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7 Ways to Maximize Your Stay at Great Wolf Lodge

Planning a trip to Great Wolf Lodge? Here are seven tips to help you make the most out of your stay:

1. Only Bring the Pack Essentials

A suitcase’s capacity is limited! Make space for the essentials; the rest can be covered. You don’t need to bring towels or flotation devices to the water park because they are provided at every one of our lodges.


2. Make Sure to Bring a Pool Bag

It goes without saying that a visit at Great Wolf Lodge will include time spent in our renowned water park! Pack a pool bag with everything you need. In this manner, you can pack the night before and start having fun right away!


3. Don’t Forget Your Wolf Ears

Gather your wolf ears! These free extras are accessible when you check in. Wearing themed headbands, the youngsters will look adorable prancing around the lodge. Make sure your camera is ready!

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4. Enjoy Breakfast at the Lodge

At the lodge, begin the day with a full breakfast! Eat on-site to save time and take advantage of the chance to spend more time with the family. To save even more money, purchase one of our meal plans in advance of your visit.


5. Get Your Paw Passes

A paw pass can also be bought to receive discounts on some of our best attractions and delights. Access to our MagiQuest game, Candy Shop, arcade, mini-golf, mining experience, and more are all included in the bundle.


6. Enjoy a Room Upgrade

An upgraded room will add even more charm to your stay. One of our kid-themed suites, large premium suites, or suites with a Northwoods motif will provide you and your group with more space.


7. Dive Into the Water Park

Enjoy our award-winning water park with your entire family and make some splashes. To ensure that you can enjoy our rides, slides, and attractions all year long, we maintain a comfortable temperature of 84 degrees.


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