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7 Valuable Things to Look for at Goodwill

Goodwill stores offer more than just affordable clothing and household items; they are treasure troves of unique and valuable finds waiting to be discovered. From vintage collectibles to timeless furniture pieces, there are countless hidden gems waiting to be unearthed. Here are seven valuable things to keep an eye out for during your next visit to Goodwill.

1. Vintage Canning Jars

Mason jars, especially the blue-tinted vintage Ball jars, are sought-after items for collectors or versatile home decor, also ideal for canning purposes.

2. Picture Frames

Even with less appealing artwork, thrift store frames, whether ornate or simple, can be repurposed for hanging art you love or painted to match your style.

3. Wooden Furniture

Thrift stores offer affordable solid wood furniture, such as desks and dressers, providing timeless style. A fresh coat of paint and knob replacement can give outdated pieces a modern look.

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4. Colored Pyrex

Vintage Pyrex bowls with pretty colors and bold patterns are highly coveted by collectors, offering both style and durability for kitchen use.

5. Cast-Iron Cookware

Heavy-duty cast-iron skillets, pots, and pans found at thrift stores, even if in rough shape, can be restored and reseasoned, offering quality cookware at a bargain.

6. Books

Thrift stores are treasure troves for books, offering popular reads at significantly lower prices than bookstores, making it an excellent source for book lovers.

7. Silverware

Tarnished solid silver items from thrift stores can be polished and restored, potentially being sold for a great price depending on the silver’s current value.

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