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7 Things Interior Designers Love From Hobby Lobby

Embarking on an interior design journey often involves discovering hidden gems, and Hobby Lobby stands out as a treasure trove for designers. In this article, we’ll explore seven items that interior designers adore from Hobby Lobby, offering both elegance and affordability.

Pots And Pottery

Interior designers recognize the significance of a beautifully housed pot, and Hobby Lobby has become a go-to destination for such treasures. Learn why designers like the Farleys consistently turn to Hobby Lobby for stunning pots and pottery that exceed expectations.


Floral Stems

Moving beyond traditional greenery, designers incorporate artificial floral stems into their creations. Explore how these delicate and stylish additions from Hobby Lobby can enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the year.


Wall Mirrors

Finding an elegant yet reasonably priced mirror can be challenging. Discover why Hobby Lobby, according to Nordike, is a reliable source for a diverse selection of mirrors. Dive into the specifics of a favorite mirror design.

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Psuedo Vintage

In an ideal world, every home would feature a collection of genuine antiques. However, Hobby Lobby provides a solution with its range of pseudo-vintage items. Uncover the charm of adding antique-like pieces to your home.


Cabinet Refreshers

Small details make a significant impact when redesigning spaces. Learn from Ashley Farley’s expertise in using Hobby Lobby finds to refresh kitchen and bathroom cabinets, providing a simple yet transformative touch.


Holiday Decor

Witness Hobby Lobby’s prowess in holiday decor through Nordike’s experiences. From unique jingle bells to festive red and green decorations, explore how Hobby Lobby can turn your home into a festive haven during the holiday season.


Artificial Greenery

While the allure of real plants is undeniable, Hobby Lobby’s collection of imitation plants, trees, and bouquets offers a practical and aesthetic alternative. Discover why designers appreciate the low maintenance and enduring beauty of artificial greenery.


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