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7 Nail Trends That Nail Experts Say Will Be Huge In 2024

Stay ahead of the fashion curve with the latest nail trends for 2024. From soft pastels to bold metallics, we’ve got you covered with the top nail trends predicted by experts.

1. Baby Blues

Embrace the tranquility of soft, muted pale blues for your manicures. This trend is all about understated elegance, with shades like Olive & June Charming and Aprés Wisteria Lane leading the pack.


2. Chrome Nails

Make a statement with chrome nails, ranging from sleek silver tones to vibrant aqua and hot pink shades. Offering a futuristic metallic look, options like Lights Lacquer 1952 and Red Carpet Manicure Insta-Chrome Pen Silver Holographic are sure to turn heads.


3. Velvet Nails

Achieve a luxurious velvet texture with magnetic nail polish, perfect for fall and winter. As we transition into spring, expect fresh colors like Cirque Colors BAE to take center stage.

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4. Vibrant Colors

Get ready to stand out with bold and vibrant nail colors. From bright neons to animated jewel tones, options like Dior Mirage and CND Shellac Artisan Bazaar will add a pop of personality to your manicure.


5. Juicier Lip Gloss Nails

Elevate your nail game with semi-sheer jelly fruity shades inspired by lip gloss. Reds, oranges, and purples take center stage, with options like Olive & June Strawberries Are in Season Right Now adding a juicy twist to your nails.


6. Fine Glitter

Add a touch of glamour to your nails with fine glitter polishes. Offering a subtle shimmer, options like Kiss Nail Drip Glue-On Nails effortlessly transform nail designs for a glamorous finish.


7. Creamy Pastels

Transition from winter to spring with creamy pastel nail colors. Warm and romantic peach tones, such as Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year Peach Fuzz, are set to dominate, with shades like essie check in to check out adding a touch of sophistication to your manicure.


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