17 Trendy & Unique Styles of Perms on Guys!

Perms look great on both men & women because who does not want curls or waves? But, perms on guys look really cool & whatever the hair length is, perm enhances the hairstyle. You can get a modern & stylish perm to subtle perm, as per your choice. Moreover, as the perm stays for several months, it will be easy to manage.

Perms on guys are trending from past times & now, with so much advanced technology in hair care, one can get a perm, despite their hair type. You can even choose whether you want a soft, hard, wavy, or loose perm with different perm styles.

So this article will show different types of perms for guys. We will include perm style for all hair types, long, short, or any other type.

Different Type of Perms on Guys

If you have normal hair cut & you want to make them look unique & enhanced, then it is best to get a perm. But, one thing should be kept in mind, that perm needs to be done by a professional hair artist. As it involves, use of heat & chemicals & imbalanced use of both can damage your hair.

Now, let's have a look at different types of Men's terms!

1) Tight Perm for Short Hair

If you have short hair but still want perm that coily & tight, then this tight perm men style is best for you. Whatever your hair type is, this perm style can be achieved. The perm will look best with a faded haircut on the sides. This tight perm men style is easy to get, however somewhat challenging to maintain, s the tight curls are difficult to be cleaned.

2) Loose Perm for short hair

The coils & waves in this perm are loose & free. The hair should be of short-medium length. Your hair will get volume & texture with this loose perm. The cutting on sides is not much short & is at two or three numbers. The loose hair comes to near neck length & look very stunning.

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3) Wavy Perm

Wavy perm is one of the subtle & sleek-looking perms. The style involves hair near neck length & having thick locks with waves. The size of hair at the back & sides is shorter & pointed to give extra detail to the perm style. The perm involves using more hair tied loosely to the rod to attain this perm style.

4) Korean Perm Men

One of the most popular types of perms on guys is Korean Perm, & that is due to it; popularity in recent times. Korean K-Pop artists & singers have tried this perm style & since then, its popularity has been on the rise. It involves very loose waves, even cut on the sides. No faded cut is done in this perm type.

5) Fringe Perm

After getting your hair permed, you can get a haircut to achieve your desired hairstyle. One of those styles is fringe style perm. In which the sides have fade cut & the upper hair are permed into long curls. The hairstyle looks very fuller & gives a lot of volume to the hair.

6) Caeser Cut Perm

Caesar cut is a type of haircut, but with a perm, it gets more featured& attractive; in caesar cut perm, the hair is of somewhat medium-short length on the top & is not much short on the sides. As, the hair needs to be curled, which will decrease their length. This style of perms on guys look really unique & great.

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7) Bleach Perm

Bleach hair is cool as they make hair shade blonde, but what if you get the bleached hair to be permed? Yes, they will look more beautiful & it will enhance the look. But to get this stylish perm type with bleach, you need to give your hair rest, as both bleaching & perming are chemical processes & getting them in a short time may harm your hair from inside.

8) Hard Part Perm

In this perm type, the top hair part has long hair & is curly, but the sides are cut short & the sides are straight. This creates a contrast between the hair & makes the hair look beautiful. The result of this perm style is unsymmetrical & unusual, but still, the contrast makes it look gorgeous.

9) Medium Hair Loose Perm

If you have medium-length hair & you want to have a perm, then you can get your hair styled as in the above picture. Your professional salon artist will definitely make your hair look like this. It involves giving loose curls to hair in bunches. The hair at the back is also permed, but the sides are trimmed too short length.

10) Medium Length Tight Curls

If you are a tight perm men lover, then this medium length perm tight perm will make you like them. Make your medium-length hair permed into coiled & wavy hair & make them stay on your head. This will look very attractive & cute-messy. To polish & make them stay, use a serum or spray.

11) Middle Part Perm

What about parting your hair in half & that too with perm hair? They will definitely look great. This perm type will give the look of the 90s. The hair needs to be longer on the sides & shorter on the back. The coils should be big & thick to attain this look. You need to use a little product to keep them in place.

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12) Mohawk Perm

Mohawk is a unique style & with adding the twist of perm will make it look totally out of this world & attractive. This mohawk perm style can be achieved through coily hair at the top & too short haircutting on the sides. However, to maintain this perm style, you need to use a lot of hair stay products. This style of perms on guys look really unique & great.

13) Pompadour Perm Hair

Pompadours are classic haircuts, but when styled with perms, it is more dashing. The curls add texture & volume to the hair. It makes it look more better than a normal pompadour. The pompadour perm is suitable for both long & short-length hair, but it will look best on long hair.

14) Mid Fade Perm

If you love to have a mid-fade hairstyle, then this mid-fade perm style can suit you. You just need to perm your hair in long curls & then get an undercut. Then, you will get this beautiful-looking undercut perm. The long hair on top will ensure volume & curls, while the mid-fade will ensure the polish & sharpness of hair.

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15) Long Perm Hair

This 70s hairstyle is coming back to the modern era. The long coily hair is loved by anyone who loves psychedelic rocker songs. A person who loves having a unique hairstyle can try this perm hairstyle. The only requirement of this hairstyle is long hair up to shoulder length. The hair will be somewhat difficult to manage, but this perm style will definitely look great.

16) Side Partition Wavy Perm Men

The side partition perms on guys look very cool & it is a new kind of hairstyle that has emerged recently. Many celebrities & models are rocking this perm style. To get this style, you need to get your hair permed & then ask your barber to cut them in the sides partition. Here you will have this amazing hairstyle.

17) Wavy Slicked Back

This perms on guys style is last on our list, but it has popularity in adults & men who love to have a beard. This slick back perm style can be achieved by having long hair till shoulder length & getting them treated by a professional. The curls & waves will be very less, but still, the hair will look stylish & freely.

Bottom Line

This was all about the different types of perms on guys & how they can be achieved. We hope you got one perm style for yourself & one that you like. Let us know your thoughts about this article in the comments below if you find it informative & helpful!

Thank you for reading!

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