Wella T14 toner before and after on Orange Hair!

Blonde hair looks tremendous & people especially get their hair dyed to blonde shades from their normal hair standard color. But getting blonde hair color involves one problem. That problem is shades of orange or yellow color appearing in hair. This happens due to insufficient bleaching, the use of wrong shampoos, or unsuitable blonde shades for your hair. But the orange or yellow color can be corrected with Toners. One of the best toners is Wella T14. Let's see the effect & improvement of Wella T14 toner before and after on Orange Hair.

Wella is known for making permanent, semi-permanent hair colors, & especially toners. It produces quality products & helps you get the right hair colors & tones.

Wella T14 Toner

Usually, three wrong shades appear in blonde hair, i.e., yellow, orange & red. Therefore, different toners are used to treat these different tones, which have colors like violet, blue to even out the warm shades.

The red, yellow & orange shades are warm & to even them, violet, blue & purple shades are used, which are cool colors.

Wella T14 toner is best to treat blonde hair showing an orange or brassy tone. It contains violet-blue-based cool colors. Wella T14 gives the hair a pale grey color; that's why it is called ‘Silver Lady.'

Wella T14 Toner

Wella T14 Toner

Treats Orange/Brassy Hair

  • Brand – Wella
  • Volume – 42 ML
  • Color – Pale Ash Blonde
  • Form – Liquid
  • Customer ratings – 4.4 Stars
  • 4700+ Reviews
  • Known as ‘Silver Lady'

Wella T14 is one of the best toners for orange/brassy shade hair. One just needs to use in the right quantity & with the right volume developer.

T14 is a vibrant & solid color that gives a pale ash blonde tone & it even gives a hint of green tinge when seen from different angles.

If you want a light hair tone after a hair color issue, then you should go for this Wella T14 toner.

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How to Use It?

Take one part of Wella T14 toner & mix with a two-part 20 volume developer. Mix it well & let it mix for 30 minutes. Now apply it for 8-10 minutes & then wash it with a soft shampoo. After shampoo, use a good quality conditioner to moisturize the hair.

In order to get appropriate results, do a strand test with toner mix & see whether the hair color shade comes the same as you want. This way, you can change the toner & developer later.

Take care that you should not use developer more than 30 volumes, as it can cause damage to your hair. It can even make your hair more coarse & dry, as they are already damaged by bleach.

Wella T14 toner before and after on Orange Hair

Wella T14 is specially made toner to treat orangey/brassy shade. The shades of orange will even out with blue-based color in this toner.

After using the toner, the hair will come out in a pale ash-blonde color. Moreover, the toner will provide shine & smoothness to your hair. Here is the image proof showing Wella T14 toner before and after on Orange Hair.

The image shows how the orangey/brassy shade in the hair got evened out with blue-based Wella T14 toner. Now the hair got a shiny pale ash blonde tone, which has no hint of orange or brassy tones.

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Feature of Wella T14

  • Even Out Orange Shades
    This is the key feature of this toner, as it evens out the orangey/brassy shade.
  • It gives a pale ash blonde tone
    After eliminating the orange tone, the toner provides hair with a beautiful pale ash blonde tone. It gives a grey tone to the hair.
  • Easy to Use
    One can use it easily at home after determining the right tone & developer for their hair.
  • High Ratings
    This toner has 4.4 Star ratings from around 4500+ customers. It shows how good this product is.

Bottom Line

This was all about Wella T14 toner, its features, usage & how it shows promising results. We hope you get to know how powerful is Wella T14 toner before and after on Orange Hair. Now, if you're thinking of using it, do a strand test to check whether it suits your hair tone or not.

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