The Ultimate Guide To Wella T14 Vs T18 Toners!

Blonde hair looks great in different shades & people purposely get their hair dye for getting blonde hair. But there is one problem with Blonde hair; they start to look brassy or orange sometimes. This can be due to the wrong blonde shade, wrong use of shampoo or other products, or any reaction. But to treat that brassy or orange tone, there are specialized toners or colors. This article will focus on toners from the Wella company & primarily differentiate between Wella t14 vs t18. 

Moreover, we will try to explain what is a Hair toner, how to choose suitable toner for you, the specifications of the Wella T14 toner & Wella T18 toner & some more information about these. So let's get started! 

What is a Hair Toner?

Hair Toner works to alter the tone of hair that comes after getting the wrong hair color. Basically, it doesn't completely change the tone but alters the tone to some extent to get a lighter tone. A hair toner is used in case of brassy or orange shades hair that comes when a blonde hair color needs to be achieved. 

How Does Hair Toner Works? 

When you get Blonde hair color, the hair has a brassy or orangey tone in them. But due to some alterations, they overshadow other colors and come out. To treat them, hair toner is used. 

Then you have to use Bleach to lighten down the color, but it does not clear out all the brassy tones. So that's where toner is used to even out those leftover brassy tones with the purple/violet tones in the toner.

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Wella T14 Toner

Wella T14 Toner

  • Brand – Wella
  • Volume – 42 ML
  • Color – White Lady
  • Form – Liquid
  • Customer Ratings – 4.4 Stars
  • 4500+ Reviews

Wella T14 Toner is a dark tone toner. It has an ashy tone as it contains violet-blue color. It covers all the hair evenly & considered to give a more natural grey tone to the hair.

T14 is a more vibrant, solid & muted pale grey color & it even gives a hint of the slightest green tinge when seen from some angles. 

You should use the T14 toner in case you see an orangey tone in your hair. However, it is not suitable for hair showing yellow tones.

Also, if you want to have an ash or gray tone, then you should go for the Wella T14 toner. 

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Will Wella T14 damages the Hair?

If you use the toner for more than 30 volumes, it will become stronger than mos permanent dues & it will definitely damage your hair. As you may have to use Bleach before using toner; so Bleach will also damage the hair. 

Wella T14 Toner before and after on Orange Hair

Wella T14 is best for Orangey shade hair & one can use it to even that orangey shade out. With using T14, your hair will look better & even more on the side of grey or ashy tone, But keep in mind to use it below 30 volume, as it can harm your hair. Here is the image showing the Wella 14 toner before and after on Orange Hair: 

Wella T18 Toner

Wella T18 toner is a light tone toner that makes yellowish hair look more on the white side. Like T14, it is a grey toner, but it is warmer toner than t14. 

T18 toner has a hint of violet in it. If you want to have a platinum or white hair tone, then you should use Wella t18 toner. One should not use more than 30 volumes of Wella t18 as it can damage your hair. 

The Wella T18 is best to even out the yellowish & orangey tone & get a platinum look on the hair. 

Wella T18 Toner

  • Brand – Wella
  • Volume – 42 ML
  • Color – Silver Lady
  • Form – Liquid
  • Customer Ratings – 4.4 Stars
  • 4500+ Reviews

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Wella T18 Toner before and after on Orange Hair

Wella T18 oner is best for dark-colored blonde hair & you can use it to clear out the yellowish tone from them. When you use the t18 toner, your orangey tone hair will get platinum or white-colored. Here is the image showing the Wella 18 toner before and after on Orange Hair: 

Wella T14 vs T18

Let's get to know the difference between the two Wella toners – Wella T14 vs T18. 

  • Wella t14 is used to even out the orangey side hair. On the other side, T18 is suitable for hair that is more on the yellowish side. 
  • Wella t14 gives a pale grey color texture to hair, while the t18 gives platinum or white tone to the hair. 
  • T18 is a warmer tone than the T14. 
  • T18 is the lightest ash blonde color, while t14 is a pale ash blonde color toner. 
  • T14 was formerly known as ‘Silver Lady,' and T18 was known as ‘White Lady' & that is due to the color tone they give to hair. 
  • Wella T14 has a blue base; that's why it is good to even out the orangey tone, whereas T18 has a purple base, that's why it even outs yellowish tone. 

So these were some main differences between Wella T14 vs T18. 

How to Use T14 & T18?

If you are looking forward to using T14 or T18 toner, then you should know the right process for both the Toners. Here is the process of using T14 or T18 toner:  

Things required in the process – Wella Color Toner T14 or T18, 20 Volume Developer, Gloves, Due Brush, Glass Bowl & Tin Foil. 

Step One – Mix the components & do a strand test. 

Firstly, mix the toner with the developer in the 1:21 ratio now, as it becomes in a gel form. Now take a small part of the hair & apply the gel on the hair & start the timer. Now clean the mix with water after some time to get the required result. 

You will know the right time to left the mix with the strand test. 

Step Two – Apply the Toner & Let it Sit.

Now use the same mix on all the hair & let it sit for the same exact time that you did with a strand. 

If you did not do the strand test, then to get a lighter tone, let it sit for 8-10 minutes & for the dark tone, let it sit for 20-25 minutes. 

Step Three – Wash with normal shampoo & Condition the hair 

Now after the set time, wash off the toner from your hair with a normal shampoo. Don't forget to condition them with a good quality conditioner or use oil. This is essential to give hair their strength back after this heavy play with chemicals. 

Voila! You have your beautiful-looking hair with Wella T14 or T18 toner. 

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Can we mix the Wella T14 & T18? 

Yes, you can mix the T14 & T18 toner to get the medium hair tone. Even many people do this to get a tone between platinum hair & grey hair. But mix them both together in 10-15 volume developer as it will not become too heavy for your hair. 

How to choose the right toner? 

In order to choose the right toner for you, you have to first look at the tone of your hair. The hair color can be of three types, orangey, yellow, or reddish. Now to even out them, different types of toners are used. 

  • If you have orangey hair, choose a toner with a blue color base. 
  • If you have yellow hair, choose a toner with a violet color base.
  • If you have red hair, then choose a toner with a green color base. 

Bottom Line

So this was all bot Wella T14 & T18 toners. We hope now you know about these toners, how to use them, and importantly, know T14 vs T18. Let us know in the comments if you find this article helpful & informative.

Thank you for reading!

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