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Curtain bangs were first popularised in the 60s & 70s, but recently the hairstyle got popular & is in trend now. The reason behind their popularity is the easiness of styling & maintaining them, which today’s generation wants. Its popularity can be seen from the more than 195,000 posts on Instagram on #curtainbangs. You can style every length of hair, either long hair curtain bangs, mid-length fringe bangs, or short hair with curtain bangs. 

Many Hollywood celebrities, including Elizabeth Olsen & Kylie Jenner, have rocked this style & made the fringe bangs even more popular. 

This article will show the best curtain bangs 2020 styles for all kinds of hair & even let you know more about fringe bangs & how to get natural fringe bangs.

What are Curtain Bangs? 

Curtain bangs, also known as fringe bangs, are a type of haircut style in which hair is parted from the middle, framing each side of the face. In this hairstyle, the hair from the inner sides is cut shorter than the outer hair. This makes the hair volumized & looks shaggier. 

How to check whether the curtain bangs will look good or not? 

It’s true that curtain bangs suit most people & make them look beautiful. However, if you’re not sure whether they will look good on you or not, you can check your face shape & head shape & then decide which fringe bangs style you should get. 

There are a lot of curtain bang styles, according to different lengths that one can choose from. 

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How do you get natural curtain bangs?

One can get curtain bangs cut by doing themselves, but that may not give you a natural & precise look. So it is best to get the style & cut done by a professional. The bangs will look better if done by a reputed professional. 

If you are unsure which fringe style will suit you, 15 curtain bangs 2021 styles are here. 

The Latest & Popular Curtain Bangs 2021 Styles

Here is the list of Curtain bangs styles that are latest & trending nowadays:

1) Straight Curtain Bangs with Highlights

The effortless cut looks great with highlights. With partition in the middle & the hair having highlights of your eye color, you will get the best & easy maintain bangs style. You can get this hairdo for both work & play.

2) Ponytail with Curtain Bangs 2021

Ponytail & that too with curtain bangs! It will look stylish, sleek & versatile. One needs to just make the other half head hair into partition; the rest will make the ponytail. The style is perfect for all age groups & moreover is extra comfortable to wear.

3) 70’s Flipped Up Fringe Bangs

The most suitable fringe bangs style for heart & oval-shaped face women—moreover, this hairstyle suits ladies with thick & long hair. One will look unique & pretty after getting this style.

4) Sweeping Brunette Fringe Bangs

This one is style is short hair with curtain bangs. You don’t need extra long hair to make the good look of fringe bangs. Moreover, this hairstyle will give a whole fresh & easy to maintain the look.

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5) Blown Out Fringe Bangs

Another hairstyle for short hair with Fringe bangs, the blown-out fringe bangs, are best & easy to maintain. Short & stylish, this hairstyle is best for some party, marriage, or some other event. Get this hairstyle & rock the place.

6) Chestnut Balayage Fringe Bangs

Those who have had fringes know that trimming them regularly can be a challenge. However, curtains bangs are not as high maintenance as baby bangs or blunt, straight-across fringes, and they can essentially be left alone as they grow. This Long hair curtain bangs style is excellent for heart-shaped face women.

7) Cute dark hair with bangs

The finger bangs on dark hair have very different & more beautiful grace. So this hairstyle is best suited for dark hair & it is a very soft look style. The hairstyle is for mid-length hair & it looks pretty & stylish.

8) Funky Fringe Bangs Hairstyle

What about a funky hairstyle with highlighted hair, curls &, yes, fringe bangs? That will definitely look funky & trendy. In addition, the hair will be perfect for parties & not need much care for maintenance.

9) Face framing layered Fringe Bang style

Fringe bangs can be styled with any hair type & texture, so they also look perfect with layered hair. Try this style & your look will be sassy & unique.

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10) Soft Curtain Bangs for Fine Hair

Soft & Fine hair will look great in any style or cut. In the same way, they look great in fringe bangs style. Just add some texture or curls & part the hair into two sides & you got your beautiful hair.

11) Bob Cut Fringe Cut for Straight & Short Hair

Bob haircut always looks great & with the added touch of fringe bangs, it will come with an enhanced look. Moreover, this bob cut will make look the face structure elongated.

12) Straight Bangs for Mid-length Hair

This specific parting bang style is perfect for mid-length hair. You need to use the finishing product to set the straight hair in one place. Overall, the style is suitable for medium & straight hair.

13) Straight Shaggy Fringe Bangs

A straight shag & that too with curtain bangs will look effortless & great for special occasions. The shag will look great on blonde or highlighted hair, with hair details coming out perfectly with style.

14) Middle Part Bangs for Short Hair

The style is perfect for people who have short hair; just get your hair bleached & straightened to have this look. The style is moreover, will suit every face shape.

15) Auburn Curtain Fringe

Naturally, straight hair can seem weighed down, especially when it is long. However, you can draw attention upwards to your face by adding texture and body to the top of the head with curtain bangs. So get this Long hair curtain bang to look for make your long hair look beautiful. Moreover, if you have a big forehead, then you can hide the forehead with this look.

Bottom Line

So this was all about Curtain Bangs or fringe bangs & the styles of curtain bang 2020. We hope you get the right & suitable style for yourself. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below if you find the article informative & helpful.

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Thank you for reading!

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