Why does my hair feel waxy after washing?

You've always taken great care of your hair, washing it regularly, using all of your hair care products, and never allowing your scalp to get too much sweat. However, despite all of your efforts, their hair still seems greasy from time to time, even after washing hair. So, if you experience the greasy hair issue, you may have this query in your mind that, why does my hair feel waxy after washing?

There are various reasons why hair may seem waxy, including product buildup, incorrect product usage, a changing environment, or even significant skin diseases. But don't worry, this problem can be solved, so let's get to know everything about it. 

Why does my hair feel sticky?

A variety of factors can cause waxy strands. The collection of natural oils on the scalp is the most typical cause. The sebaceous glands produce natural oils to keep the scalp moisturized. However, these glands sometimes produce too much oil, resulting in waxy or sticky hair. 

Apart from this, rinsing with hot water, unhealthy diet, incorrect conditioner, hair accessories, incorrectly & excess washing your hair, can be the cause of hair feeling sticky and tangled.

Why does my hair feel waxy after washing?

For some people, washing their hair is a relaxing experience, while it is a pain for others. Having to deal with waxy hair for the rest of the day can be a real drag for anyone. If you are dealing with waxy hair, then here are the reasons behind it:

1) Seborrheic Dermatitis

Eczema of the scalp, also known as Seborrheic Dermatitis, is a skin ailment that affects a large number of people. Oily scalps, skin flakes, red skin, itching, and more are all symptoms of psoriasis. In most cases, a doctor will be needed to treat it. If you have Seborrheic Dermatitis or a dry, flaky scalp, the oil can seep into the ends of your hair and leave them feeling waxy or greasy.

2) Product Buildup

Your hair might become weighed down if you style it frequently or use a lot of hair products every day. Even if you use a tonne of hair products, you may not be able to remove them completely from your hair.

Using too many hair products might leave you with a waxy sensation and cause your hair to break down over time, resulting in weak hair.

3) Hormone Imbalance

Several variables might impact your health and your hormones, which in turn can affect your hair. In other words, if your hair is limp or greasy and seems dull, it may be time to look into the root reason for your waxy hair.

4) New Environment 

Waxy and oily hair can be caused by environmental harm, especially if you reside in a crowded region. So we can see why pollution might have an effect on our hair strands and scalp, as well as our skin. So if you just have moved to a new city or new environment, & are getting waxy hair, then it is due to this new environment. 

5) Rinsing your hair with too hot water

We prefer to focus on our hair, but our scalp is essentially skin, and as such, it is subject to the same conditions as the rest of our skin. Meaning? Rinsing with hot water causes the scalp to become dehydrated.

When your skin is dry, it produces more oil to make up for the loss, which is why you feel greasy.

Why does my hair feel sticky when wet?

Apart from all the above reasons, one other reason that results in sticky hair when wet is over conditioning hair. Over conditioning of hair can result in too much keratin or protein in strands & scalp, which ultimately result in sticky hair. Other reasons can be the buildup of product, a harsh shampoo, or excessive hair washing that might be to blame for the state of your hair.

How to fix sticky hair after washing? 

Here are the ways through which you can deal with sticky hair after washing:

1) Wash your hair often

Washing your hair every day may be necessary for people with fine or straight hair that gets greasy rapidly. The occasional use of a clarifying shampoo may help eliminate residue and buildup.

2) Use lightweight keratin shampoo

Protect your scalp by using products that don't include harsh chemicals, sulfate-based products or parabens, and other harmful substances. Make sure the shampoo you're using is gentle on your scalp and does not deplete it with its natural oils. Moreover, the shampoo should not over nourish your hair to prevent too much oil production. 

3) Seek Medical Advice

Medical attention may be necessary if you think your hair's waxy ends have nothing to do with your daily hair care routine. Seborrheic Dermatitis is not fun to deal with. Despite the fact that it may be treated at home organically, severe instances can quickly escalate. A medical professional will examine your requirements and recommend a regimen that works best for you.

4) Good hair routines

You need to follow some tips to avoid waxy hair after washing. Here are those tips:

  • Do not over condition your hair.
  • Wash your hair properly to clear all the products. 
  • Do not use a conditioner that is too heavy. 
  • Do not rinse your hair with too hot water. 
  • Try to use minimum products on your hair after washing. 
  • Try to wash your hair less often. 

How to get rid of greasy hair quickly?

Dry shampoo is a typical last-ditch-effort hair treatment if you don't have time to wash your hair and need a quick repair for sticky hair.

Thanks to dry shampoo, most of the stickiness will be removed, and your hair will shine without the oil!

What vitamins help with greasy hair?

Healthy, tangle-free hair may be achieved with the aid of Vitamin B. Vitamin B regulates the production of sebum, which controls the amount of oil in the skin. Vegetables and foods that are rich in Vitamin B include meats and poultry, beans, and fish. So the more of them you eat, the better your hair will look!

Bottom Line

This was all about waxy & greasy hair. We hope now you find the cause behind it, why does my hair feel waxy after washing? Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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