Why do I have red hairs in my black hair?

You've probably seen people from Celtic countries mostly have red hair & the reason behind this is a genetic mutation. But some people, even though they don't relate to any of these countries, start to have red hair either in their beard, hair, or any other body part. Maybe you're experiencing the same issue & wondering why do I have red hairs in my black hair?

It actually happens due to a mutation in a gene named MC1R. This gene is responsible is actually responsible for pigment production in hair cells. When there are two genes of MC1R in the body, then the hair is totally red like people of Celtic countries. But when only one gene is there, this results in uneven red hair on some body parts or some red hairs in black hair. Let's know more:

Why do I have red hairs in my brown hair? 

The reason behind this is the presence of only one gene of MC1R, which results in some red hairs in brown hair or red hair present on any one body part. The one MC1R gene is the result of inheritance from your forefathers. Maybe your forefathers have red hair or red beard & it becomes dormant but is now present in your body & becoming active. 

Moreover, your body has two pigmentations; one is eumelanin, responsible for black hair & the other is pheomelanin, which is responsible for red hair. 

If there are two MC1R genes, then the pheomelanin will be dominant, resulting in all-over red hair. 

So if you have one MC1R gene, then the eumelanin gene will be more dominant & there are chances of only a few red hairs in brown hair.

You can even have red hairs on some parts like beard, underarms & that will be different from your head hair. For women, it can be upper lips, chin, underarms & legs. 

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Why do I have some red hairs in my beard? 

 The same reason is for red hairs in the beard. The work & dominance of pigmentations results in red hairs in the beard. An excess of pheomelanin can contribute to those random red hairs. 

Also, with the one MC1R gene & that is dormant too, the hair color will be dark, but when it becomes active, it results in some red hairs in the beard. 

The red hairs were undoubtedly present in either your mom ancestors or your dad ancestors. So, now they are resurfaced again in your body. 

There can be some other reasons too like, too much sun exposure which changes the color of the hair, the reaction of the body to any products, & disbalance of vitamins & protein in your body, due to improper diet. 

These reasons are significantly less likely to happen & cause the red hairs in your beard. 

Why do I have a red strand of hair? 

If you have only one red hair strand, that hair can be damaged due to the sun's excessive heat or any other reasons. There are chances that one hair strand got mutated & does not produce melanin much, which is resulting in the dominance of pheomelanin, responsible for red hair color. 

There is nothing much to worry about that one strand; you can just pluck that hair from the root. 

If you are seeing more than one red hair, then it is the result of genetic mutation & it may result in more red hair coming out. However, it is natural, but you have to dye or pluck your red hair if you do not like them.

Is it ok to have red hairs in black hai? 

Yes, it is totally ok to have red hairs in black hair. Becuase the main reason behind this is a mutation of genes. Not just you, people from different countries & different colors, experience this problem.

It happens due to the presence of one gene, MC1R, which is responsible for turning hair red. So, it works unevenly if it is just one; however, if the gene is two in number, then you will have whole red hair on your head & body. 

The dominance of the MC1R gene can be seen in people from the Celtic region, who have all red or ginger hair.

If you have red hairs in black hair, then just get them dyed or keep them out of your hair. 

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How to treat red hairs in black hair?

If you're experiencing the problem of uneven red hairs in your black hair, then don't worry; there are solutions too. However, all the solutions are not permanent becuase red hairs happen due to genes & it is not possible to control genes. 

If you have a small number of red hair, then the best way is to pluck the hair out & it might not come again on your head. 

However, if your red hair is in large numbers, you will need to either go bald, shave, or get your hair dyed. It will solve the problem for around 3-4 months. 

Moreover, try avoiding too much sun exposure, chemical products & improving the food & nutrition; they might also be the reasons behind some of your hair being red. 

The best way is to accept the red hairs!

Bottom Line

We hope you are satisfied with our answers to ‘why do I have red hairs in my black hair? Now, don't get panicked if you see red hair, becuase it is normal. 

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