Why do I have red hairs in my black beard?

If you are a white man, then it may be possible that you will start to experience red or ginger hair in your black beard. Mostly, this phenomenon is common to see in Scottish or British men. But it can happen to anyone & primarily white people. Not just red hair, the beard hair may have ginger or blonde hair, even though the hair on the head are black or brown. So this is normal, but you have may have one question, why do I have red hairs in my black beard?

Actually, the red hair in your black beard will start to turn completely red. It happens due to mutation & is a result of a gene named MC1R. Due to the MC1R gene, the hair on the beard, legs, or armpits can change to red. Let's get to know the reason in detail. 

Why do I have red hairs in my black beard?

The red hair can come in a black or brown beard & it is totally normal. The reason behind this is a mutation of genes. The gene behind red hair is called MC1R. If your body has 2 of these genes, then all your body hair will be red, like in many Scottish or British men, but if you have only one gene, then the red hair will be on some parts of your body, like beard, armpits, legs, etc. 

If you have some red hair in your full black beard, it is due to pheomelanin pigmentation. Actually, there are two pigmentations; one is eumelanin that is responsible for black hair & the other is pheomelanin, responsible for red hair. 

The people who have whole hair black or dark brown have only eumelanin, but the ones with lighter hair shades or red hair in some body parts like beard have dormant pheomelanin, which gets activated later. 

That's why your beard starts to show some red hair even though you have a black beard. 

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What can be some other reasons for red hairs in my black beard? 

Not just the genes & presence of pheomelanin in your body starts the red hair in your black beard, but some other reasons outside the control of your body can do this. 

It can happen when you don't get enough nutrition & due to a lack of growth supplements & protein, the color of your beard starts to change. Another primary reason can be excessive sun exposure. Due to a lot of sun exposure, some black or brown hair people start to experience a change in their hair color from black to reddish. 

One more reason can be the use of some products or soaps. As you know, they contain chemicals that can react with the hair follicles; turning them into red or red hair can be your body's reaction to these chemicals. 

Majorly, the red hair in the black beard is all due to genes inherited from our forefathers & the dominance of the MC1R gene in our body. 

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How to treat red hairs in my black beard? 

If you're expecting that the red hair will go away automatically, then sorry, it may not happen naturally becuase you can't change the processes in the body. You can only work to remove or hide that hair. Here are some suggestions on treating red hair in your black beard:

  • If you are uncomfortable with red hairs, you can shave off all your beard. It will solve the problem for some time. 
  • You can even get your hair dyed; it will easily solve the problem for around 2-3 months. 
  • If you have a small amount of red hair, then pluck them out. 

Prevention of Red Hair- As red hair can happen due to sunlight, improper diet, or some products, then here are tips for the prevention of red hair:

  • Whenever you go out in the sun, try to cover your face or apply sunscreen. 
  • Avoid any strong chemicals products to use on your face. Try using natural products. 
  • Take a good diet & check your proteins & vitamin levels in your body from time to time. So that you can level them. 

Bottom Line

This was all about the reasons for red hairs in the black beard. We hope now you definitely know the actual reasons behind some red hair. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below if you found this article helpful & informative. 

Thank you for reading!

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