CBD oil is something that has gained a lot of popularity out there, especially between senior people and pet owners. That being said, not a lot of outsiders really understand why it is so popular, and why people actually use it. To understand this on a deeper level, more specifically if you are a pet owner, we should know a little bit about dogs first.

Dogs, particularly if we are talking about dogs that are older than 7 years old, have a big chance of suffering from a wide range of health problems related to their physique. Large breeds of dogs, especially, are very prompt to suffer from said health problems than smaller breeds, mainly because of their weight and how often they require exercise and physical activity.

More often than not, their owners used to deal with these problems using traditional medications, like painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Sadly, these drugs are well known for causing even more health complications in the long-term run, thus, not a lot of people are comfortable using them in their dogs on a regular basis.

This is why a lot of pet owners started to look for alternative methods of treatment, and nowadays, a very popular alternative method of treatment is CBD oil. Considering the cbd for dogs benefits, this is not really a surprise. However, before we jump into that, let’s talk about it a little bit more.

The Correlation Between CBD and Medicinal Cannabis

Alternative methods of treatment have always been popular. Over the years, throughout all of mankind’s history, people have always found different ways to handle specific physical and mental problems, with some of them being more reliable than others.

And among those alternative methods of treatment, medicinal cannabis has been present for a large percentage of our history, and it was even used in ancient times by cultures like the Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Japanese, and more.

Back in the day, it was used as a form of anti-inflammatory and analgesic asset, combined with beverages like tea or wine. Because of its intoxicating capabilities, though, it grew a bad reputation when it was introduced to the Western culture during the 80s, even though it was also used as a form of analgesic.

Thankfully, it was legalized in many places all around the world since it provided relief for multiple conditions that are harder to treat otherwise, and in recent years, CBD was also introduced to us.

The Biggest Difference Between Both

The reason why medicinal cannabis and its many derivations is capable of getting people high is because of a sole chemical compound known as THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. That being said, all of the CBD-based products you can find on the market contain really low levels of THC, mainly because they are derived from a version of the cannabis plant that contains only around 0.3% of THC, known as the hemp plant, as shown over https://expresslatestnews.com/what-to-know-about-cbd-dog-treats/ .

For dogs, this is incredibly important, since THC is known for being toxic to them, causing short to long-term side effects that can be very nasty. Thus, CBD is a very safe alternative to them, an alternative that can also provide all the health benefits of medicinal cannabis.

The Health Benefits and Advantages

Oil created using CBD and the hemp plant is famous for being a very good anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication, which is the main reason why not only pet owners use it, but also people who deal with pain-inducing conditions like arthritis.

In fact, it is known that a lot of hospitals are starting to introduce this particular form of medication to help their patients relieve some of their pain during rough treatments, like chemotherapy.

Now, as a dog owner, the advantages of this form of medication are easy to understand, even more for people with ill or senior dogs. To give a good example, dogs can also suffer from arthritis and other similar conditions, as shown over here. This can greatly affect their mobility and cause them a lot of pain, thus, having an alternative to treat them is very convenient at times.

But the main reason why CBD oil is perceived as a great alternative, and why it is so popular, is because of how safe it is. Sure, it can still cause side effects like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and headaches, but these said effects can be avoided easily by reducing the dosage, since it is often a result of consuming more CBD than what your body can actually handle.

However, contrary to regular drugs, it doesn’t cause nasty side effects like liver damage, anxiety, lack of appetite, and in some extreme cases, depression, which for a lot of people and dogs, this is a big plus to consider.

Still, it is important to keep in mind that, in case the dog is consuming other types of medication, you should do your research and get to know which medications are compatible with CBD, just to avoid side effects. 

The worse that can happen if you don’t do this is that the oil might enhance the damage the drug causes to the liver, but this is a rare scenario since it can be easily avoided. If you have further questions, you can always ask your vet, but a little bit of research should be more than enough.

Now, regarding the dose to avoid side effects, it can be complicated. The weight of the dog as well as its diet, age, and size, can influence the right dose. Thankfully, a lot of providers have charts you can follow to guide you through the process, so you shouldn’t have to face an impossible challenge if you are using it for the first time!