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Blonde highlights can give dark hair volume, depth, and dimension. This everyday colour combo is simple and modest.

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Chocolate brown is a medium-to-dark brown hair colour that mimics chocolate. It's a deep colour that complements hairstyles and textures. 

Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Light brown hair is versatile and appealing, complementing all skin tones and textures. The colour is not harsh or monotonous, making it great for everyday wear.

Light Brown Hair Color

Highlights add depth and richness to brown hair. Adding blonde can brighten and lift hair. Many methods exist to combine these hues. 

 Brown Hair with Fine Blonde Highlights

 Dark brown hair can be given depth and character by illuminating the strands. For natural results, choose a shade near to the base.

Dark brown with  FaceFraming highlights

Adding caramel to the tips gives the hair the illusion of length. Caramel is a warm, golden brown tone that softly and beautifully lightens hair.

Caramel-tipped brown hair 

 Varying degrees of vibrancy allow you to find a look that complements your skin tone. Reddish-brown hair is versatile. It's customizable.

Brownish-red hair

Blue and purple are complementing hues that merge well in hair. You can use an ombre technique, with darker roots and lighter ends.

Purple and blue hair

Platinum blonde is the lightest blonde hue. It complements all hair cuts and shows off hair texture. The fresh colour brightens and lightens your appearance, making it popular. 

Purple-rooted platinum

Pink hair is popular since it's attractive and feminine. There are many tints to pick from, but pastels are more adaptable and easier to wear. 

Blonde-rooted pink hair

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