Saturn Ring

French crop is trendy, cheeky undercut hippie. The sides are shaved and the bottom has a casual beard.

Buzz Cut

Undercutting hard parts can be done stylishly. The top is buzzed for maximum focus.

Long Top

From the top down, it is long and has a side brush. To make the fluff, you have to shape it with your hands.

Undercut On Top

In most cases, an undercut will be located on the side, but in this case, it is in a very unusual spot.

Dyed Undercut 

Undercut comes in many different styles, sizes, and colours. Here's another one in all its glory.

Highlighted Fringe

The fringe on the top stands out, and the sides have a taper fade. The clean look is what makes this one stand out.

 Short Pompadour

This take on the classic pompadour keeps the hair short all around, making it a low-maintenance style with a lot of style.

Back with Undercut

Simple brushed-back undercut closes our list. The hair is styled and teased in different directions, but it's simple.

Brushed up

With this undercut, the hair is cut evenly so that the sides, back, and top all blend into each other.

Wind Swept

Josh proves that an undercut doesn't require a straight hairline. This hairstyle features a widow's peak.

Trends in hair colour that are cool

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