Top 10 hair colours for women (60 year)

Dark Blonde with Subtle Copper Highlights

Gray roots look good with a dark blonde tint with faint copper accents. For ladies in their sixties, low-maintenance hair colouring.

dirty blonde With faint plum highlights

pull off dirty blonde with faint plum highlights. Seniors who are growing out their grey hair will love this low-maintenance colour.

Pumpkin Spice

One of the best fall hair colours for ladies over 60 is a pumpkin spice tone! It looks great on fair to pale complexion tones.

Warm Creamy Blonde

An inviting, creamy blonde will look great on older women 65 and over. Low upkeep due to the shade's ability to mix in with the natural white strands. 

Caramel Bronde Pixie Bob

A caramel bronde pixie bob is classy and mature. Long fringe can be silky or dishevelled. Warm bronde complements the haircut.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde hair looks great on senior women. Strawberry blonde suits fair skin. If you have red hair, this will be a low-maintenance colour that fades wonderfully.

Brunette with Golden Brown Highlights

brunette with golden highlights welcomes fall. Perfectly placed highlights brighten and move the cut and facial features.

Rich Dark Chocolate

Rich dark chocolate works nicely on cool and neutral complexion tones for fall hair. It requires little to no lightening, making colouring healthier. 

Dimensional Burnt Orange Hair Dye

A dimensional burnt orange produces a fresh autumn color that goes nicely with a good, short hairstyle. The tint seems vibrant but also adds depth at the roots. 

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