Top 10 Best Beyoncé Songs

Crazy in Love

Crazy in love made Beyonce famous. Billboard's top pop song of the decade. Crazy in Love is her best song. It launched her solo career. 


This song never gets old. Great tune! Her best. It's amazing live and gets the crowd rocking. Great tune! This song is fantastic since some boys think they're slick at cheating on girls.

Single Ladies 

This song encourages women worldwide. Great, catchy moral. Beyonce never disappoints and inspires women not to change.

If I Were a Boy

All women can identify to this song since it's emotional. The song exposes how certain guys abuse women. The message is true and pro-feminist.

Best Thing I Never Had

Let girls with broken hearts know they'll find someone better and won't recall the man who broke them. This song offers life advice.


Her halo voice is powerful and delicate. The soundtrack makes her voice sound spooky but soothing. This song is one of her best vocally and musically.

Love on Top

 Beyonce's extreme happiness shines through her vocals, which are amazing as always. Love On Top is Beyonce's best album yet.

Run the World

This song is a message to young women. Girls rule. Strongest, kindest, best, brightest, funniest: girls.


This song is beautiful. It's amazing! It's a touching dong. This song reveals her true singing power

Sweet Dreams

Best song. Catchy, Funky, Direct, and has her greatest voice ever.  It's has a great beat and melody. This song's great.

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