The Best Gray Hair In Movies

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Salma Hayek rarely changes her appearance. Fans were shocked when Hayek debuted her grey hair while filming The Hummingbird Project in 2018.

The Hummingbird Project

The Hunger Games' Julianne Moore plays President Coin. The book depicted a greying POTUS.  "She's about 50, with grey hair to her shoulders.

The Hunger Games

Queen Ramonda's white dreads became a fan favourite when she removed her headpieces.

Black Panther

Jane Seymour is recognised for her golden brown hair, but she changes it for movies. In the 2021 Australian film Ruby's Choice, she sported grey hair.

Ruby's Choice

Part of her icy appeal was her icy white hair. Priestly had short hair that wasn't a pixie or bob.

Devil Wears Prada

Nicole Kidman had a prosthetic nose and grey curls for Top of the Lake. Her grey mane was inspired by Kiki Smith's work on birth, and regeneration."

Top of the Lake

In 2012's Peace, Love & Understanding, Jane Fonda plays a hippy stoner granny. Fonda used a salt-and-pepper wig to portray Grace's free-spiritedness.

Peace, Love & Understanding

Halle Berry played Storm, the weather-calling mutant, in multiple X-Men movies with stunningly white hair. Her white hairstyle altered over 10 years of X-Men movies.


Late Night stars Emma Thompson with white, slicked-back hair. A pixie cut with a huge bang looked elegant and editorial. 

Late Night

Glenn Close's white pixie cut was significantly shorter in The Wife. Close had her hair short and textured to create intrigue. 

The Wife

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