Summer Nails That Are The Coolest

Heart nails

These Powerpuff Girls-inspired heart beam nails are everywhere. They're summer-ready in red and white.

cartoon Clouds

Winter's cloud nails offer us summer thoughts. These cartoon clouds are DIY-able, unlike the others. Just a good brush and opaque white .

American Manicure

'90s-inspired American manicure for weddings is perfect. This summer, expect a gentler look.

Bright Stars

Neon stars instantly get you beach-ready. Glue star sequins by your cuticles if free-handing stars with a nail brush freaks you out.

Mixed Checkerboards

Checkered nails are one of the top choices for this summer's coolest nail designs. We like this mix and match set a lot.


These delicate butterflies will bring to remember the bright days that are still to come.

70s Swirls

This summer, your best buddy will be graphic nail art that is nonetheless easy to do.

Rainbow French

Put a lovely spin on the traditional French manicure by decorating your nails with teeny-tiny rainbow tips and cloud accents.

Smiley Nails

Rainbow joyful faces make cute summer manicures. They're a quirky spin on Harry Styles and Dua Lipa's yellow smiley-face nails.

Monotone Matte

Want sophisticated mismatched nails? Add a matte topcoat to multiple hues of the same colour for a velvety look.

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