Simple Tomato Face Masks For Glowing Skin

Tomatoes and lemon brighten the face. Lemon's vitamin C reduces hyperpigmentation and tones skin.

Tomato And Lemon Face Mask

Tomato And Honey Face Mask soften your skin. Honey moisturises the skin naturally.

Tomato And Honey Face Mask

Cucumbers' anti-aging antioxidants combat wrinkles . Oatmeal soothes skin irritation, scaling, dryness, and itching.

Tomato, Cucumber, And Oats

Yogurt's lactic acid can minimise wrinkles. This mask exfoliates dead skin cells.

Tomato, Coconut Oil, And Yogurt

Lycopene and vitamin A are found in papaya . These substances slow ageing due to their antioxidant activity .This mask fights acne.

Tomato And Papaya Face Mask

Fuller's earth or clay eliminates pimple scars and heals sunburn . This mask absorbs extra oils from oily skin.

Tomato And Clay Face Mask

Vitamin E in almonds protects the skin from UV radiation and free radical damage. This face mask hydrates and softens skin.

Tomato And Almond Face Mask

face masks employed sandalwood and turmeric to brighten the skin. This mask brightens discoloured skin.

Tomato, Sandalwood + Turmeric

Sugar grains exfoliate in cosmetic scrubs. This mask removes dead skin cells, grime, and oil, leaving skin smooth and radiant.

Tomato And Sugar Face Mask

Olive oil's antioxidants protect and heal damaged skin cells . This face pack leaves skin smooth, nourished, and hydrated.

Tomato And Olive Oil Face Mask

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