Quick beauty tips to transform appearance

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Refrigerating liners sharpens them. If you're having an evening party, put your liners in the fridge in the morning. The greatest makeup effects come from sharp liners.

Sharp eye and lip liners

Dry, dead skin makes your face seem lifeless and black if you don't exfoliate. Perfect appearance requires cleaning.

Always scrub

"Foundation" is the foundation basis for fair skin. Poorly done, it's cakey and uneven. So apply it correctly so it's invisible. Don't mix foundation on your neck and ears. 


Blush is more than a powdered cosmetics that colours cheeks. It contours cheekbones. Blush applied poorly creates a horrible 80s appearance.

Get Set Blush

My sister remarks that certain women's heavily-shadowed eyes resemble "shutter doors." The biggest problem is overusing eyeliner, which decreases the eye.

The Eyeconic Eyes

I also enjoy waterproof mascara. It's difficult to remove. First, I use regular mascara, then waterproof. 

Be Smart with Mascara

Scrub your lips so lip colour glides easily and doesn't cake. Use a toothbrush or rough towel to remove damaged lip skin. 

Slides smoothly

Bright lip colours like pink and orange are garish. Shiny shine creates a strong impact for dim-light settings like holidays and night gatherings.

Stunning Lips

Everyone has facial shadows. Brighten natural shadow to seem fairer. Smile in front of a mirror to observe dark patches under your bottom lip or around your eyes.

Luminous is perfect

Use makeup brushes to mix or apply foundation. Face skin is fragile, therefore use your ring finger to apply makeup. It aggressively applies makeup and saves time.

Soft touch

Ideas For Natural Makeup In Any Season

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