Most Popular 10-Year-Old Boy Haircuts

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If you have curls, let them loose. This crop looks great with a drop fade and product to define the waves.

Drop Fade

Some French cuts have different fringe lengths. A basic angle, or choppy straight fringe, can set the hairstyle's tone.

Straight Fringe

In this version of the Ivy League, the hair is finger-combed back to make waves that are soft but clear.

Finger Combed

This style is perfect for 10-year-old boys who prefer a "older" look. The difficult portion is the highlight.

Swept with Hard

Side brush for a smart haircut. This cut's side-swept action adds depth and complexity.

 Side Brush

Casual side brushes are fun and lively. It's fashionable and fits an active boy's lifestyle.

Faded Sides

If you enjoyed the Ivy League above but want something more exciting, try this Ivy with a drop fade.

Drop Fade

This tall style puts the hair straight up and balances out the look with a medium fade.

Medium Fade

This low-maintenance crop is great for boys who like short hair and want a style they can change up.

Short Crop

This styled crop is appropriate for boys who like a messier style. Fringe creates an elephant trunk.

Crop and Undercut

This haircut is a simple scissor cut that makes the hair flow forward and to the side. It has a light, airy look.

Medium Scissors


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