Latest and Best Zayn Malik Hairstyles

green Hairstyle

If you're feeling adventurous, this is a great haircut to try. Check out this green hair-colored haircut that adds a modern twist and new perspective to a classic men's hairstyle.

Short Man Ponytail With Fade

This is one of the most popular and greatest Zayn Malik hairstyles. The haircut features a slight fade on the sides and long hair in the back to form a little ponytail.

 Zayn Malik Haircut With Thick Hair

This is yet another option to consider, if you have thick wavy hair. The gorgeous haircut is a classic design that is timeless and will never go out of style.

Messy Short Haircut

Zayn Malik's short messy hairdo is a wonderful inspiration to follow if you adore a youthful and easy, modest sense of fashion.

 Semi Blonde Hairstyle

What about a simple casual hairdo with a twist? This blonde hair colour combined with a standard haircut and styling can suddenly transform your overall appearance.

Zayn’s Messy Hair

This is one of the most recent Zayn Malik hairstyles we've seen on his social media. Zayn is well-known for his famous hairstyles, which change every other week.

Zayn’s Blonde Hot Look

Most men dislike blonde hair. However, this is Zayn Malik's most popular signature style and one of his favourites.

Zayn’s Fade Hairstyle

The fade haircut is one of the most popular among young boys. However, the appropriate amount of hair and waves is required to enhance anyone's appearance and hotness.

Unique Zayn Malik Style

Here's another gorgeous image of Zayn! We can't take our eyes off Zayn Malik in this image of his former hairdo since he seems so young and innocent!

 Zayn Malik Cool Hairstyle 

Zayn's quirky and unique style is rather trendy and went viral back when he flaunted it.


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