How to Get Glowing Skin!

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An easy two-minute facial massage will instantly perk you up while also firming and contouring your skin over time if you're feeling lifeless. 

A quick face massage goes a long way

Rather than using your hands, use a microcurrent gadget. April Long, a beauty editor and writer, utilises the ZIIP device after a long trip or late night.

Try a microcurrent treatment

Renee Rouleau's favourite beauty tip is free. "Hanging my head upside down for 3 minutes a day is my long-term approach,"

Bend over

When exfoliating and battling blemishes, use professional products. If you want hydration, make a moisturising mask at home.

DIY a hydrating mask

You can simulate a glow using foundation if your skin care is lacking. Elizabeth Olsen's makeup artist Gita Bass advises putting luminizer into moisturiser

Give your foundation a boost

Pat McGrath suggests putting highlighter on your d├ęcolletage for glowing skin. She recommends My Skin Fetish highlighter stick as a body shimmer.

Use face shimmer on your collarbones

Toner is equally as crucial as moisturiser for healthy, bright skin. The latest generation of toners is vital for moisturising and preparing your skin.

Use toner before serum or moisturizer

Two to three times a week is good for your skin, but more can compromise its barrier function. Weak barriers cause flakes, dryness, and irritation. 

Strengthen your skin barrier

Experts prescribe vitamin C serum for glowing skin. Natalie Smyth, an influencer and skin-care expert, recommends using five drops of vitamin C serum .

Add vitamin C to your routine

Chemical exfoliators are less abrasive than scrubs. Physical exfoliants sand the skin, while acids breakdown dead skin connections.

Switch to a chemical exfoliator

When your skin is picky, consider using a sheet mask everyday. Maureen Choi, beauty director at Violet Grey, uses St. Ives Glowing Apricot Sheet Mask.


Miami dermatologist Heather Woolery-Lloyd, M.D., suggests reducing "background noise" for a particular event or occasion when you want to appear.

Pay pores extra attention

Consider an annual laser treatment to freshen, brighten, and revitalise your skin in a manner topical creams can't.

Invest in a laser treatment

Radiant skin extends beyond the face. In the shower, apply a salt scrub and rinse with a coarser Korean washcloth. 

Swap out your old loofah

Literally. Using cold water or a freeze tool will rapidly de-puff your face and enhance blood flow. 

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