Almond Shaped Nails

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Round Shaped Nails

If you want to give the appearance of longer fingers but prefer to keep your nails short, consider a round shape.

Square Shaped Nails

Square shaped nails, like round shapes, are ideal for shorter nails. This nail shape appears tidy and attractive, with straight edges and a squared-off tip.

 Oval Shaped Nails

Oval shaped nails are good for both short and wide nail beds and fingers due to their elongating properties.

Stiletto Nails

The appropriate nail shape may completely transform your fingernails, and the stiletto shape is one of the most popular because it draws attention to itself.

Duck Nail Shape

Duck nails were fashionable in the early 2000s, but have recently experienced a comeback in popularity and have become a social media fad.

Coffin Shaped Nails

The coffin form is ideal for long nail . This nail type, sometimes called ballerina nails, is named by its silhouette, which resembles both a coffin and a ballet shoe.

 Acrylic Nail Shape

Acrylic nails are appealing because they are firm and durable, making them a good choice for nails of all shapes and lengths.

The squoval nail form is one of the most adaptable and beautiful nail shapes. The form is a cross between square and oval and looks great on all fingernails.

Squoval Nail

Arrowhead nails aren't exactly practical, but they're all about making a statement and becoming creative.

Arrowhead Nails

Awesome White Nails Designs

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