Cute Acrylic Nail Ideas for Every Season

On the Farm 

Cow print has been popular nail trend for a while now .As seen on these extra-long, tapered, square nails, a transparent base with baby-blue splotches replaces the typical white and black.

Sharp Angles

You may be accustomed to seeing really long acrylic nails, but this is not always the case.The length is ideal for those who are frightened by lengthier designs .

Nostalgic Memories

Hello Kitty was a staple in many of our lives, and the nail artist's neon manicure was a fitting tribute to the imaginary figur

White Out

A chalk-white set can never go wrong, and these nails elevated the plain set with an enclosed accent nail on each hand.

Mismatched Manis

People nowadays want to experiment with different designs on each finger, as seen in this mismatched manicure.

Slanted Tips

We appreciate how the swirls on one hand transition between the three tones, while the little blobs of each colour on the other.

The New French Manicure

These C-curve tips are completely hollow and simply outlined in tan, white, or brown. Powerpuff Girls-inspired hearts in a variety of colours adorn the ring finger.

Head in the Clouds

Create this sheer pink manicure with hazy white accents. Add tiny star decorations to each nail, as well as 3D gems, because who doesn't like a little sparkle?

Sprinkles on Top

With chocolate sprinkles and white swirls of lacquer designed to imitate whipped cream, these long, square-shaped nails almost appear edible.

Mix It Up

To make this sparkly manicure, use marble-colored acrylic powders. Add blue glitter flakes to the swirled creation full of vibrant, summery colours

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