Big Forehead Hairstyles That Stand Out

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Simple hairstyles are sometimes best. A middle-part ponytail. Bangs are key. They curl below the eyebrows and have lengthier sides.

Simple Ponytail with Full Bangs

Two-tone split hairstyles are trendy. Common. Textured hair looks vibrant.Curtain bangs cover the forehead up front. You can see your skin through them.

Split Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Sweeping hair to one side and adding a bandanna creates a dishevelled effect. Curly hair is sloppy and informal. Pink and blonde look great together.

Pink and Blonde Curls

A doughnut bun on your head is foolproof. Always stylish, sleek, and full. These side bangs maintain the focus on your face.

Doughnut Bun with Side Bangs

Undercuts are edgy hairstyles with shaved parts. Sides show it. The hairline is hidden by a circular patch of hair that wraps around the head.

Dreadlocks Bun with Undercut

Elegant wedding and formal haircuts. Three parts of hair make a low side bun. The bun is lovely. Rolls diminish a large forehead.

Elegant Low Updo

Hair shapes are fun. Above the hairline, a bow is made. This draws attention away from your large top face.

Blonde Hairstyle with Bow

Some side-swept locks are fixed at the rear of the head. Most hair curls over shoulders.One part flows elegantly across the brow. It produces hairpiece form. 

Half Up Hairdo

This hairstyle is always fashionable. Curly hair is captivating. Unique because of the many loose curls. Some locks cover the forehead's size.

Elegant Side Part

Weddings and other formal events call for a modest updo. Loosely bunned hair. Face-grazing strands fall. The bangs hide your forehead.

Low Updo with Wispy Waves

A crown braid hides a large forehead. The braid makes a majestic shape below the hairline. Wispy waves frame the face for dimension.

Crown Braid