Best Ways to Rock a Man Bun

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basic-level man bun hairstyle that is easy to both style and pull off, this is a wonderful alternative for those with thinner hair.


Instead of a conventional hairband, try a bolder tie. If the bun is large enough, tie a cloth around it.


Use extra gel in the hair before forming the updo to get a wet look with your man bun hairstyle.

Wet Look

 Man buns look best when pulled tight little above the undercut line when worn with an undercut.

Taper Fade

Loop all of your hair through the hair tie as if creating a low ponytail, but don't pull it all the way through.

Pulled Back

Long hair looks calm when styled sloppy. Don't pull hair so firmly.

Long and Messy

As with most of Jared Leto's work, he makes this a memorable moment. The actor retains a little hairball in place while the rest falls down.

Ponytail Style

Buzz your man bun and facial hair to separate them.slight fade is in trend.

Skin Fade

Graying men might seem younger with a bun. Here's how to simplify. this style makes you look younger.

Gray Man Bun

If you have an unruly beard, try a floppy man bun. Sharp tailoring contrasts beautifully with this appearance.

Messy Bun with Beard

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