best Velvet Nail Designs You Can Wear

Sage Velvet

California nail artist Amy Le introduced velvet nails. Here, she exhibits beautiful sparkling sage nails that beauty lovers enjoy.

Mauve Velvet

Do you like pink? Here, you can see how nice a manicure with mauve velvet can look. Just call it the new neutra.

Champagne Velvet

When a velvet manicure is in action, we love it. See how magical a neutral champagne colour can look in this picture. We're getting major crystal vibes.

Icy Velvet

Silver is cool. Boston-based manicurist Amy Tran shows us how the frosty tone looks in different lights.

Velvet French Tips

You may get a velvet effect without covering the entire nail. Different colours on each hand might add to the pleasure.

Rose Velvet

Stunning. You use a wand to disseminate the pigments in Live Love Polish's Magnetic Nail Polish. Various sides have different impacts.

Two-Tone Velvet

We are huge fans of manis with two different colours, especially when they have a velvety finish.

Mint Velvet

This is making us want mint chocolate chip ice cream. We love how sweet and soft these minty nails look.

Nude Velvet Tips

So subtle, and yet it says so much. To get the look, use stickers that shape French manicures.

Blue Velvet

Bioluminescence is a natural wonder that makes these blue nails sparkle.

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