Curly Mullet

All hair textures, especially curly hair, can wear it. The cut will appear less choppy and layered on curly hair, and the length change will look more progressive.

Mullet Fade

The versatility of the mullet allows you to customise it to your taste. This entails applying a fade to the hair's sides to give it structure and a mild fade.

Permed Mullet

The permed hairstyle is a great option for changing the texture of your hair. The new method of perming is much less harmful and produces curls that are bouncy and full of movement. 

Short Mullet

Women with short hair seem lovely. Cutting your hair can be a liberating experience that also challenges sexist gender stereotypes. 

Asian Mullet

Asian women typically have thick, straight hair. fThe cut looks sharper on hair that is straight. 

 Mohawk Mullet

A person who wishes to stand out with their hair should go for the mohawk mullet, which combines two different haircuts. 

80s Mullet

The mullet gained notoriety in the 1980s . Keep the top, sides, and back of your hair short, and add jagged layers for movement.

Modern Mullet

A modernised version of the classic mullet, it differs noticeably in length from the top, sides, and back of the hair. 

Wolf Cut Mullet

The mullet and the shag are combined in the wolf cut, giving you a gorgeous, thickly layered look.. It is a fantastic hairstyle for adding volume and movement.

Korean Mullet

Numerous people have been inspired by the expressive style of K-Pop music, and the mullet has also become a popular fashion statement. 

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