Best Homemade Hair Masks

Honey-Milk Mask

A spoonful of honey must be diluted in a glass of milk before you begin massaging the concoction through the lengths of your hair from root to tip.

Coconut Mask

Although making a coconut cream mask takes some effort, it is incredibly worthwhile. Take coconut cream and warm it up before using it to construct the mask.

Almond-banana mask

Almond and banana mask is good for healthy hair. Mix One banana and 3 drops of almond oil form a mask.

Mayo-Avocado Mask

Mayo and avocado hair mask does wonders for hair. To make Mayo and Avocado hair mask, combine fat mayonnaise and 1.5 mashed avocados.

Black tea-rum mask

Strange pairing. But it's great for hair. Mix rum and black tea to make a hair mask.


You'll be astonished to hear that luscious strawberries offer many other benefits, including treating hair.

Egg and Cognac Mask

Cognac and eggs both contain potent and nutritious elements that are fantastic for hair. 

Lemon and Olive Oil

For women with dry hair and flaky scalps, a DIY hair mask comprised of lemon juice and olive oil works wonders. 

Honey and olive oil

This homemade hair mask is ideal for you if your hair is dry and sun damage has negatively affected it.


Beer softens and shines hair. Mix 1/2 cup beer with 1 tablespoon mild oil to make this hair mask.


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