The Best Hilary Duff Hairdos of All Time

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Hilary Duff's medium-length highlights and beach waves hairdo is one of our favourites.. Mid-length hair is easy to care for and creates a trendy, edgy, young image.

Beach Waves Hairstyle

Hilary Duff's bob cut and grey highlights are a must-see. This distinctive hairstyle is edgy, fashionable, bold, and sassy. 

The Grey Hair Bob

Hilary Duff's braided and dishevelled bun is a classic. This sleek and modern hairstyle is perfect for parties and gatherings, making anybody seem exclusive, smart, and beautiful. 

Braided Messy Bun

Hilary's unkempt style makes her more charming. She wears a headband-secured ponytail in the back. Her front hair is arranged as a forehead with side-swept bangs that reach her ear. 

Ponytail Look

Duff has straight hair that she twists to achieve this wavy appearance. She also has eye-framing bangs. This hairdo looks great on her oval face.

Wavy Hair with Front Bangs

Again, she emphasised her oval face. This style has pulled-back hair twisted in a knot behind. Some hairs above the ears are left free for a beachy, casual appearance.

Pulled Back Updo

It's a face-framing hairstyle. Side-parted hair runs down the cheeks to the neck. Well-defined cheekbones and jawline. This hairstyle's side-swept bangs frame the eyes.

Side Swept Bangs

This hairstyle's most unusual and striking feature is the front-flowing left eye hair. The hair has several textures. Straight hair with minimal messiness at the ends is styled. 

Messy Textures

The shoulder-length hair is longer in front and shorter in behind. This asymmetrical cut resembles medium and long bobs.

Asymmetrical Medium Cut


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