Best hairstyles for square faces round angles

Square faces are easy to carve. You're not hiding or adding anything, just showing off your bone structure.

Medium-layered dirty blonde

Square faces suit many haircuts. Asymmetrical tousled bobs are shorter options. Side bangs look excellent with spectacles and frame the face.

chin-length bob with side bangs

Square-faced women in their 20s or 50s can have interesting, flirty haircuts. Long bobs look great with loose, ruffled waves.

Medium messy-layered hairstyle

The 1970s had fascinating fashion, and they did shaggy hair well. The layered long bob gives your hair natural dimension and form, reducing morning styling time.

Trendy Shaggy Messy Lob

Long hair is more versatile. If you have naturally wavy hair, separate it down the centre and allow face-framing parts to cover your forehead.

Longer Wavy Choppy Hairstyle

This elegant design highlights a square jaw and big lips. Strong, classic facial features appear best with pulled-back hair.

formal updo

Elegant design has a square jaw and full lips. Loosely pulled-back hair accentuates strong, classic facial features.

Classy  Up-do

You can't go wrong with a middle-parted medium hairstyle. Add loose waves to frame your square face with this cut.

Medium-length, center-parted layers

A blunt front fringe is tricky for square faces, but it can be done. Pair straight bangs with a sloppy crop to soften the jawline.

Medium wavy with straight bangs

Square-faced women can have elegant, professional short hairstyles. Minimal layers and choppy ends are needed.

Asian Choppy Off-Centered Bob

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