Best Glitter Cut Crease Eyeshadow Looks

Disco Diva

Glitter cut crease eyeshadow looks disco diva. Silver glitter and black makeup make a party-ready contrast. Make eyes pop by highlighting their inner corners.

Add Glitter

Dramatic liner and cut-crease glitter shadow create a smokey effect. use a highly pigmented creamy liner under the eyes and a glitter powder shadow in the crease.


If you want to keep your cosmetics modest, use an eyeliner to draw a cut crease shape in the lid's crease .

Emerald Cut Crease

Emerald is beautiful on all skin tones and eye colours and shines in glitter. Add matte green to your cut crease outline for added definition.

Make it Bold

With a bolder glitter on the lids and a liquid liner in the crease, you may create a cut crease. This artsy, abstract take on cut-crease glitter shadow sticks out.

Pretty Grunge

You can mix deep shadow hues and creamy glitters for a grungier, lived-in glitter appearance. Apply creamy glitter pigment to your shadow.

Holographic Haze

After applying pencil to your lashes and inner crease, add holographic shimmer. You can use fine particles, chunkier dazzling pieces, or a glitter-infused gel.

Total Glam

This incredibly sparkling gold shadow puts the eyes to life, combined with black shadow and liner. Apply volumizing mascara to finish.

Fairy Fantasy

Pastel blue eyeshadow and sparkling jewels provide texture to this cut crease eyeshadow look. This look is stunning.

Go Green

Green and gold tones make a great cut crease glitter shadow. Choose a glitter eyeliner or pigment glitter to draw your cut crease.

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