Beautifully Simple Braid Hairstyles

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The braid is faux. The curled hair is mostly braided. The remaining hair is pinned into a sloppy braid.

Messy Elegant Braid

Backcomb mohawk hair. This raises the braided mohawk. Braid the top. Ponytail your remaining hair.

Pouf Braided Mohawk

This fishtail braid is excellent for large sweaters and hot cocoa. Leave out side hair before braiding. Pass side hair through the sutures after braiding.

Boho Fishtail Braid

This braided technique is straightforward but looks sophisticated. Combine two three-strand braids with a fishtail braid.

Single Fishtail Braid

Top knots are typical with protective braids. It's a quick, edgy hairdo. Wrap your braids in a crown knot.

Braided Top Knot

This braided style has historical significance. Everyone loves boho braids. Boho braids get a Viking twist.

Boho Braided Half ‘Do

Double Dutch braids are badass. Your natural hair colour and fresh highlights will contrast attractively.

Double Dutch Braids

This braid is versatile. This French braid demands practise. Keep practising, and you'll master it soon.

Defined French Braid

Crown braids are awesome. Perfect for prom and homecoming. To look like a forest nymph, accent this head braid with leaf pins.

 Crown Braid

This Dutch braid has heart-shaped stitches. To get this style, pull your Dutch braid up instead of out.

Dutch Heart Braid

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