Beautiful long bob hairstyles

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In fashion, simplicity is beautiful. This bob demonstrates it. It shows how much a wash and blowdry can do for your appearance. 

Side-parted long-bob

Curly haired women should avoid long bobs since their hair may seem like a huge floof. Layering your hair allows your curls to open up and seem more defined. 

Bob Curly

Rihanna popularised angled bobs, and they're here to stay. Chocolate brown and blonde sombre will glam up your lengthy bob. Texturize your hair like a diva.

Textured long bob

 get your look beach-ready! Hair is a significant part of it. Style this blonde long bob with beachy waves before heading outside.

Long Beachy wave

Here's a style that fits the innocent school girl image. Straighten up this lengthy bob with a round brush. Add blonde ends to amp up your style.

Rounded Bob

You may bypass that step by starting with a lengthy bob. Finish this style with a bob cut just below the shoulders and balayage highlights.

super Long Bob

 Shaggy long bobs with blonde ombre ends can enliven your look. Textured waves and a side part enhance your edgy style.

Long Bob Ombre

Women no longer mix their ends. Super blunt edges are trendy now. Cut the ends of your long bob this way to appear badass.

Long, Sharp Bob

 For a lovely and flirtatious appearance, accent your dark brown long bob with golden blonde and curl it.

Long Bob Highlights

Brighten up your long bob with a subtle mix of light brown at the roots and honey blonde at the ends. This cut and colour will look great with down-the-middle waves.

Sombre Bob

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