Awesome Nude Nail Art Ideas

This shade of nude is just right for every skin tone, and is just opaque enough to read as polish.

High Shine

This shade of nude resembles the color of a nail bed, it's just a little more polished.


We respect anyone who can rock a long, sharp square. Chels Lou filed each nail before painting Glossify's Primrose.

Square Biz

Take the classic nude manicure to the next level with a layer of sheer glitter; the sparkles give the look some extra dimension.

Holo Shimmer

Glitter may be neutral! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise - just look to this set by Mendy Gabrielli, a manicurist working in Rome.

Glitter Accent

You can imitate exactly or remix by putting gold glitter at the tip like a French manicure or making a semicircle toward the bottom like a half-moon mani.

Gold Lining

Nude nails are the perfect canvas for minimalist nail art and intriguing touches like Reese's Pieces-colored dots. Matte nails look more natural than glitter or shiny ones.

Reese's Pieces Dots

Skittles-style manicure uses taupe, greige, and cool brown. Use matching colours to liven up a nude manicure.

Taste the Greige-Bow

This nude mani features French tips and golden flames. The client's index and ring fingers have small flames instead of gold dots.

Fan The Flames

We love the combination of neon and nude, especially when it's done this elegantly.

Watermelon Edges

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